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  1. Maybe there is more to this than meets the eye, he's shown what he can do in training, and there might have been some kind of fee if he played a certain amount of games, who knows!? any statement that comes from the official site is always worthy of suspicion!
  2. don't forget ben arfa was on loan at first =/ we haven't had much luck with keeping them fit eh!
  3. every time he mentions the Andy Carroll money he plays it down more and more, so by the time it comes down to it we won't be surprised when fuck all is spent again apart from maybe a few contracts to this current squad who have punched well over their weight this year! That is, if the current squad want to stay together, it's going to be interesting, more anxious than excited but we shall see eh!?
  4. if we are dreaming here I would love Drogba to have a big fall out with Ancelotti before the season's end, break the wage structure, tiote in his earhole saying, you've won everything in this country, you've had a go at the champs league a few times but gave it a slap in the face, come up here and be a hero for the last couple of years of your career. Get his ivorian teammate gervinho or some other pacey african in, same back four as this year. -------------------------Tiote ----------------Barton --------------------------------Nolan -------Ben Afra----------------------Gervinho --
  5. i think he is doing very well with how the owner wants a manager to be, especially with the media, and i think he is doing very well with how the team is playing so far, let's just hope it's the scouts who can find us some hungry young men to rape the rest of the league next season...
  6. that first goal was ridiculous, offside, handball, touch of a rapist, and shit goalkeeping
  7. it was very frustrating watching the blackburn game with all the great balls going into the box in the first 70 minutes or so with noone even coming close to getting on the end of anything. Ranger then comes on and there was nothing in the box, typical, as he probably has the best leap of anyone in the side and badly needs a goal for his confidence. Was the kind of game where just a little bit of instinct and being in the right place at the right time in their box would have won it. Would love to see Ranger start against birmingham but just don't see it happening. Think there should d
  8. a pm with a welcome back present would be great, just reset my bleeding password after a long old while!
  9. or like the conveyor belt from the generation game, but instead of Brucie, a fat italian billionaire, and instead of a cuddly toy, the likes of Jim Magilton and Ian Holloway!!! =/
  10. I dont think it is about rage against the machine and joe mcelderry, for me it is about free thinking music against simon cowell's monopoly of our charts through HIS bullying and HIS views of how music should be produced.
  11. The thing is, Rage Against The Machine are simply reminding us how important music, that was written with an honesty and freedom that they can still express live because they have creative ownership over their track, will never go away as long as free people are on this earth.
  12. we've been spoilt over the years to be fair witht he likes of Ginola, Gillespie, Solano and Robert to a certain extent. But yeah, it makes you think that with Carroll and Ranger we don't have anyone to put a whipped delivery in those inviting areas in the box.
  13. -------------------Harper Raylor------Saylor-------Colo-------Enrique ---------------------Smith ------------Guthrie--------Barton -----Jonas--------------------------Vuckic --------------------Danger I know we haven't seen Vuckic properly but i've seen a few of his goals and he has that natural pace and ability on the ball that would terrorize most defences in this league. Raylor and Enrique to provide the odd overlapping cross, Smith fouling people and winning headers, and our two best ball playing midfielders in the centre trying to dictate the game and breaking from
  14. as much as I hate him as a footballer, why dont we play Smith up front with Ranger tonight?!! He can win a few headers tho he's not the biggest, you never know, he my finally score also?! We can stick Nolan, Barton, Guthrie, Geremi, Butt in different positions in the midfield with some of the young lads lke lua-lua to give it some legs and freshness. Also I'd love to see that Vuckic chap get half hour attacking them from midfield or supporting the striker, that lad cant seem to stop scoring for the youth side and reserves and tho that isnt always a measure that he will do it with the fir
  15. Fuck that, it's Bryan Gunn!!!!!! Nah, it's Boy George all coked up at a gay strip club
  16. the opportunity to get Hamann, a champions league winner and someone who has proven that he can play good football at SJP would be one not to miss. He can also PASS a ball, something our midfield has been lacking for years. He would also prove a great mentor to the likes of Guthrie and other youngsters in how to control a football game and channel aggression positively (*ackem Barton take note). He would be a fantastic player for any team, especially in this league. back to the topic, if we sign campbell, he could make this defence one of the best in the league. How I wish he had a cha
  17. I been on a massive Faith No More kick after fulfilling a lifetime ambition and seeing them headline download festival a couple of months ago. There are a couple of songs that come to mind. The first one really does sum up the fat man and our predicament: EVERYTHING'S RUINED - Things worked out better than we had planned Capital from boy, woman and man We were like ink and paper Numbers on a calculator Knew arithmetic so well Working overtime completed what was assigned We had to multiply ourselves A bouncing little baby A shiny copper penny And he spent himself Wo
  18. I'd like to see: -------------Carrol------Ranger Duff-------Vuckic--------Barton-----Jonas Enrique----Colocini------Saylor-----Raylor -------------------- Harper I think there may be goals, youth, fight, and less fear in this side.
  19. Been listening to a fair amount of Nine Inch Nails recently and I can imagine if we are 4-0 down at half time this is what would be going on in Steve Harper's head, as he actually gives a shit about this club, during Big Al's team talk...... =( I'd listen to the words he'd say but in his voice I heard decay the plastic face forced to portray all the insides left cold and gray there is a place that still remains it eats the fear it eats the pain the sweetest price he'll have to pay the day the whole world went away Nine Inch Nails - The Day The Whole World Went Away BUT LET'S
  20. ------------------------Harper Geremi----------beye-------bassong--------colo (duff) ------Nolan-------Butt (Guthrie if fit)----Guthrie -----------------------Owen ------------Martins--------------Carroll Basically, we are pretty fucked unless Vučkić comes on for his debut with 5 minutes left and scores a belter of an equaliser or a winner, come on son.
  21. It's just acting man hehe i know, but you have to have a little crazy in you to eat just one apple every day for a few months and become a skeleton. And he's most probably done many drugs. There's acting, and then there's going too far, totally immersing himself in the roles he plays, which must be quite a strain on his mental state and troubling for those in his personal life.
  22. I thought this was hilarious when I heard it. The guy is clearly bananas. Anyone who has scene American psycho and the machinist must know this. He is clearly a disturbed human being who obssesses over his work which makes him one of my fav actors. He must find it very hard snapping out of character as he gets so involved in each role, I think he even keeps his different accents during interviews if he is still working on a movie. Must be hard to get his english accent back. Another testament to how being a child star gives you a good chance of turning into a fucking lunatic =)
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