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  1. Newcastle United vs Arsenal

    The bench was dire as well. He was saying Dummett and Lascelle's weren't 100% so loaded it with defenders leaving us with no room for central midfield changes. Just shite decisions like that will cost you in the Premier League.
  2. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    It's a lovely touch but could they have not at least cleaned the poor sod up before they started taking photos? You get to meet the star player of the club and your memento features you with blood running down your nose.
  3. Allan Saint-Maximin

    Oh God
  4. Yes Gemmill...

    Rutger Hauer
  5. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Is anyone on "pay as you play"? See it all the time a perma-crock is available but never heard of anyone actually signing that deal. Especially in PL football that's flush with cash and desperation to not fall off the gravy train.
  6. Salomon Rondon

    Local journo's on Twitter were saying that the package (transfer fee, wages and agents fees) had scared off the interested Premier League teams. When the likes of West Ham won't take a punt on him, maybe there's something to it.
  7. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Steve Nickson, by what little has been mentioned in the press he and Rafa worked well together. When Rafa was wanting a new keeper after Selz didn't pan out Nickson pitched Dubravka and Rafa agreed. The current story is that Nickson and Charnley were far more keen on Joelinton, even at this price, than Rafa was. Local press this morning were hinting that Rondon's demands/agents fee were putting off Premier League clubs from taking a punt on him too.
  8. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    James Coppinger made a decent fist of things at Doncaster. Paul Huntingdon had a spell at Leeds.
  9. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    What's the current requirements for a work permit? Because I wouldn't put it past our lot to fall at that final hurdle.
  10. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Can see this Joelinton thing coming off. They've been withholding big money from Rafa, on the whole, and Nickson was pushing for him as far back as January. It'll be a "look at what Rafa could have had to spend" narrative.
  11. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/fan-unrest-no-signings-no-16582341 Another good one on the futility of the club under Ashley. Even if Bruce could do a good job he'd get no further help from those above. He'd not be able to alter their thinking in any way.
  12. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    I wonder if it'll ever click with him that he's the one doing football ownership wrong, not everyone else.
  13. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    The return of the "incentive based" contract. Paying a manager a million to stay in the PL when it's worth hundreds of millions to the club. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/17769337.steve-bruce-involved-5m-wrangle-newcastle/
  14. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Probably the best Chronicle article of the week. Bonus of Ryder being huffy in the thread too.
  15. The Secret Diary of Lee Ryder (aged 44 and a half)

    Anyone for mangled cliches?
  16. The Secret Diary of Lee Ryder (aged 44 and a half)

    I see The Trinity Mirror Regional Sports Journalist of the Year 2014 has seen off the young pretender to his throne, Waughy is going to be covering NUFC for someone else.
  17. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    It begins....
  18. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Redfearn was a midfielder for Barnsley for most of the 1990's. They had a season in the Premier League but were relegated and he had another season when he moved to Charlton. He's done some managing, notably at the mad house that is Leeds. He helped out with reserves earlier this season when Beardsley was suspended.
  19. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Neil Redfearn & Ben Dawson. Youth Team/Academy guys. Simon Smith is GK coach and is still there as he wasn't one of Rafa's core group of coaches he takes from club to club.
  20. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Only reason he's knocked it back is in the hope he can get a job where he'd be dealing with agents of his own choice.
  21. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    As the tone slowly shifts from the local journo's this will probably ring true
  22. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    It was as baffling then as it is today.
  23. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    To be fair it looked like they would pay Derby for McClaren, but he knocked us back. Then he got sacked and we signed him up in the summer
  24. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Puce faced twat. Been too long since that insult was used on here.
  25. Perez

    Aye, that's the other thing with this lot the "pay in installments" shite they go in for.

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