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  1. Good game in the end. Makes a change from watching us play turgid shite. Zlatan has had some career mind. 39 years old and he's played 9, scored 12 so far this season
  2. I think Zlatan touched a nerve mentioning Lukaku's Mother
  3. They wanted final offers by 5pm tonight. I expect we will hear tomorrow. We bottled it in the end and offered £25k above the asking price. If it goes for more than that then they can have it
  4. 24% possession. At home. To a team 1 point above us
  5. I think Gemmill is arguing that we are in the "hundred of thousands" zone. Only 50% of the way towards him conceding
  6. We need some divvies protesting outside the ground for the cameras
  7. 1-0 down with 50% pass completion At least we got some crosses in last week though
  8. Mental thing is we've missed multiple opportunities to reduce that number. 3 delayed lockdowns, refusal to close borders or test arrivals, the Cummings debacle undermining the whole effort ...
  9. Nope. IIRC the linesman was even on that side of the pitch!
  10. The state of the refs and linesman in non league man
  11. I know that, doesn't make you feel any better being the one having your eyes taken out You feel like it should be tough shit for those that bid too low in the first place
  12. Stressed to death Arranged a house viewing on a whim on Saturday as a lovely house came up locally. Was told they had 15 viewings booked in and it was likely to sell in days. Didn't think we stood a chance as our house want even up for sale That night, a friend of a friend found out we may be selling and offered what we wanted on the spot. He's sold his house and is desperate to move to the estate as he has family round the corner. Suddenly we were in a good position so offered 5% above the asking price to try and clinch the house we viewed. We get a call off the estate agent th
  13. Further evidence to show that NUFC fans having expectations too high is bollocks. Can you imagine a similar blurb for Bruce. "Bruce leaves NUFC without a win in 10 games, 1 goal in 8 games, out of the FA Cup at the first time of asking, out of the league cup against lower league opposition, bottom of the form table, fighting relegation and last in just about every defensive or attacking metric there is. Bruce didn't do "tactics", can his replacement say the same?"
  14. I'd bet my mortgage on Bruce being gone if fans were in the ground. I reckon we'd have had fans on the pitch by now. Shades of Pardew hiding in the dugout
  15. Do they really? Or is this the long since debunked myth about the bookings agency that had a list of pretty much every ex footballer on its books?
  16. He'd be absolutely fucking crucified if fans were allowed in. To the point he'd probably quit in tears
  17. He's seen enough to be encouraged apparently He's never been able to play Fraser and ASM together. He's scraping the fucking barrel now
  18. Definitely. If you pulled a lass on a night out you had to ring her landline and actually have a bit of craic before arranging a date. Then you had to hope to god you could remember what she looked like!
  19. It makes no difference to the score but that incident, and the offside goal, would have been shown 15 times on repeat if this was a top 6 team
  20. Grealish elbows Shelvey in the head and sky cut away before it happens on both replays
  21. This offside rule? Watkins was offside when the pass was played to him, but because it hit the defender on the way through he's no longer offside? Surely that's made up?
  22. Im genuinely going to be gutted if he ends up at a premier league club and we still have Bruce as manager
  23. We can't all be fortunate enough to run a podcast nee one listens to Dave. Be kind
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