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  1. My sister moved into a new build last year. It looks like it was chucked up. The skirting boards and seals around the house look like they were done by a blind man. I shudder to think how much effort goes into houses that aren't built to turn a profit...
  2. Captures the nostalgia of my childhood well, albeit some of those memories were through the medium of TV rather than being reflective of what life was actually like in Chester le Street in the 80s Arcades, Nintendo, Ghostbusters, A Team, Knight Rider, Goonies, Monster Squad, playing out on your bike, climbing trees, swimming in rivers, watching horror films on VHS when your parents weren't home etc. Definitely shades of Hellraiser and Nightmare on Elm Street in Series 4
  3. Steven Gerrard was permacrocked in his early playing days. Hopefully it's just an age thing...
  4. Look at this daft cunt answering questions like he's actually Dan Ashworth
  5. There's nothing in here I didn't already know, but when you add it all up it makes you wonder how the fuck we ended up with this cunt in charge
  6. If any of the cabinet have a modicum of common sense (Dorries goes without saying) then they will see this as a chance to safeguard their longer term careers and jump ship from HMS Boris now. At this point any support for him is just delaying the inevitable. We are in a mad situation where the general public are expected to follow a serving PM when his own MPs don't trust him to do the job anymore
  7. Also, if we have a transfer window resembling anything like that, I honestly believe we will give 3rd and 4th a run for their money next season
  8. It just seems odd that we supposedly had a fee agreed and haven't triggered it already. I know the window doesn't open til next week but plenty of clubs have announced pre contract agreements already
  9. Seems to be accepted wisdom that we are looking for players in the following positions, and the rumours are this lot are our first choices; GK - Henderson LB - Lodi CB - Botman CM - ?Paqueta/Eriksen/Rabiot LW/RW - Diaby CF - Ekitike (Unless we are after Ekitike for the wing and are still after another CF) Any guesses on who we end up with at the end of the window? Sounds like Edwards' £60mil budget is bullshit
  10. That last line suggests he may be biding his time for other clubs to show an interest...
  11. Tube socks are back in fashion man
  12. It's a funny angle I've got a massive size 8 feet!
  13. Celebrating the Platty Joobs listening to Sabbath in the garden with a can of 7up 🤘🏼
  14. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1619830/Newcastle-Hugo-Ekitike-transfer-news/amp
  15. Aye. Basically a way to make senior Nurses do most of the jobs Doctors do at half the price https://www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/advanced-clinical-practice/what-advanced-clinical-practice
  16. That's a slight revision on what actually happened tbf
  17. Nah, the humble brag is I got a distinction 😂 Thanks btw
  18. I think he will get 5-10mins at the end of games and a few cup appearances. 3 goals
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