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  1. Step forward Sir Callum of Wilson
  2. Tight offside but I knew exactly which player it was when I saw the replay. I'm fairly sure Qatar haven't paid off every referee at the World Cup
  3. Obviously they still hate gays, women and Asian labourers, so it's not all good
  4. Been to Dubai once. Not in a hurry to go back but it was fuck all like that. JBR had plenty of bars, restaurants, nice weather and hotels with fancy pools. Wasn't dissimilar to Playacar in Mexico tbh
  5. Italia 90: I was 8 so don't remember watching it, but it was my first England strip and my school mates thought it was class USA 94: Can't remember watching much of it England 96: Was 13 or 14, so too young to fully enjoy going to matches or to the pub. Still have fond memories of the Summer though, lush weather, good music, Shearer smashing them in France 98: Random memory of watching Owen's goal against Argentina on the portable telly in my bedroom while my mates (who were emo and hated football) couldn't care less. Ended up migrating towards a different friendship group after that Japan/Korea 2002: Was living in Leeds and dating a new girlfriend. Spent most of the tournament waking up early to watch the football, then shagging. Happy days Germany 2006: Ronaldo being a cunt after his penalty South Africa 2010: Vuvuzela's Brazil 2014: 1 point in 3 games. Shows how boring the England team was during the "golden generation" Russia 2018: Remember beating Columbia on penalties and thinking this was our year. Then we chucked it against Croatia Qatar 2022: I'm at work for game 1 and the wife's at work for game 2 and 3 (and I've got a 6 year old) so I'll be sat on my Billy watching the group stage in the house. Shite. also my Sisters wedding day for the round after that. FML
  6. At least he didn't just get up and walk off in a huff this time
  7. 2 NUFC fans were shot down in a plane with Russian missiles iirc. Can't remember WW3 starting then. It won't start now
  8. They clearly found the bloke on the right sleeping on the street and asked him to make up the numbers
  9. We've got Isak and possibly Maddison or Trossard to add to that yet. CM and LW have room for improvement in contributing to team goals.
  10. He's a bit weird in his personal life too by all accounts. Bought 3 kids and paying off his rape victims Wrong un as Stevie would say
  11. Guardiola was at court today as a "character witness" for Mendy.
  12. One of our midfielders made an absolute kamikaze tackle at waist height in the last minute to prevent a Chelsea counter attack Couldn't tell whether it was Bruno or Longstaff but Chelsea went ballistic. It all got a bit radge in the last few minutes and the ref lost control a bit
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if he had covid last week. 3rd game in a row he hasnt been able to play/play 90mins. Not sure what the rules are in the PL with testing these days
  14. How many mistakes do England want to make in this Rugby League Semi Final. Absolutely fucked it. Dropped pass and a forward ball within 60seconds of extra time starting
  15. Aye, but you're there to listen to his jokes, not watch him dance tbf
  16. Peter Kay tickets went on sale this morning. Carnage online with 200,000 people in the queue. My Sister dropped £300 on 2x VIP tickets. He's just extended the tour and is now selling tickets for January 2025 You can pick up £40 tickets for the later dates. I'm tempted but reckon it's nailed on he will have sacked the tour off and released a DVD before 2025
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/nov/12/uk-french-coastguards-passed-buck-people-drowned-channel?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_b-gdnnews&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1668237060 Horrific.
  18. Musk reminds of Ashley. Mega successful with Tesla/Sports Direct and think they are infallible when it comes to running a business. Then fuck up spectacularly with Twitter/NIFC
  19. Apart from Liverpool/City, we are the only PL club who managed to draw another PL team
  20. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/england-world-cup-squad-white-rashford-wilson-bowen-b1038857.html
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