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  1. Burnley 2 points behind us with a game in hand. Their next 3 games are Brighton, Palace and West Brom. Heading for 17th place imminently.
  2. We were hopeless. The amount of passes across the back line and back to keeper when we needed a goal was criminal. Shelvey is done as a top level player. I'm at a loss at to why Matty Longstaff doesn't get a game when he's got a bigger engine than any other CM in the squad
  3. It got binned when we moved in together
  4. I might have been stretching it calling her a "porn star" tbh She was in a couple of Norwegian amateur porn films True story though. She worked for Disney in one of the theme parks when I spent 6months over there. Ended up going to a party with her and a few of her mates, did the dirty after and she whipped out a box full of DVD's from under her bed and signed one to give me.
  5. AJ Tye, Chester Le Street CC alumni, being a total shithouse today. You love to see it
  6. Are the boards football hipsters watching the final on tv tonight? Fish?
  7. If we can get ASM, Wilson, Fraser and Almiron on the pitch at the same time, with Hayden and someone else sitting in, this is a reasonable team if coached properly
  8. He's just a walking, taking cliche. If the takeover was anywhere near happening you would hope Staveley was cranking up the pressure to bring a decent stop gap in
  9. These last 10 seconds are peak Bruce Q - Are you interested in Hamza Choudhury? A- I would never talk about someone else's player..... but yes, he's someone we'd like
  10. Had you heard of Kamala Harris before she was announced as Biden's running mate?
  11. Brett Kavanagh. Kamala Harris made her name tearing him a new arsehole when Trump appointed him to the Supreme Court. The other lad is Brock someone or other. Star of the swimming team who got a lighter sentence for rape because he had a lot of potential
  12. Bruce has as good as said Jesse Lingard was his first choice signing this window. Jesus Christ. If he was the big plan to start winning us games then we are fucked.
  13. Promising Young Woman. I thought it was pretty good. I just kept seeing these two as I was watching it
  14. Same here. Plan is to live here until we retire. If either of us gets sacked then we would have to sell up, schitts creek style
  15. Thanks Chink of light in what's been a pretty rubbish 12 months.
  16. Update for all those that don't care Had an offer accepted on a different house. I hope to god the stamp duty holiday gets extended for those already in a chain come March 31st otherwise the Motorbike will be getting sold to fund it
  17. We could do with Fulham beating West Brom to crank up the pressure
  18. Chalobah and Josh King linked too. Like a who's who of championship bench warmers
  19. Fuck knows with this club. If Bruce genuinely "doesn't do tactics" then this bloke might be the defacto manager, picking the team and lineups etc
  20. Anyone else think the appointment of this assistant coach is weird? Even the top 6 clubs don't have as much media interest, interviews etc when appointing a coach, let alone one from a championship club to NUFC
  21. Delete the last page. They've chosen another offer 💩 Now got to decide whether we blow out our buyers, move further afield, rent temporarily...
  22. There's a correlation though. Decent leadership (ala NZ) would have set a better example for the average idiot. Instead we had the leader of the nation telling the press to pipe down when his mate drove 250miles up the country with a symptomatic kid in the car, the went for a stroll by the river
  23. Well this is the risk. We've potentially chucked an extra £10k down the drain
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