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  1. It's defies belief. Twitter have limited the tweet because it my incite violence
  2. There's a nasty video of that woman being shot on Twitter. Looks highly likely she's died. 1 man responsible for this. I hope someone over there has the balls to hold him to account for it
  3. Sunderland has had a huge surge in covid cases over the last couple of days apparently. Edging closer to the nightingale getting opened
  4. The intruders look like a bunch of dorks tbh. Send in the riot police and beat the shit out of them
  5. Unlikely. Even the Deep South voted him out
  6. https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1346904244008456193?s=20
  7. He's sat at hone tweeting to further incite it
  8. In defence of the Mackem, Joelinton scuffs more shots than any other player at the club. I've never seen him put his laces through a ball yet
  9. He's gone full Putin. I honestly thought a lot of his bullshit was just an attempt to save face before he leaves office, but it seems he's genuinely deluded himself that he was robbed
  10. The whole interview was shit tbh. Marr just talked over the top of Boris and Boris just waffled and blustered his way through as usual
  11. The bairns primary school has just announced it is going against government guidance and closing to all but key worker children. They've also decided to shut tomorrow completely until they can decide how it's going to work, giving me 1/2 a day to find childcare tomorrow. If all the primary schools go this route then the government is going to have a choice to make .... It feels like we are in similar territory to the USA where the government has been so poor, for so long it's just met with a shrug of the shoulders and an eye roll when stuff like this happens. Previous governments h
  12. The boos at the suggestion of free healthcare and caring for the environment
  13. Joelinton looks better playing as a support striker to Wilson. Not dissimilar to where he played in Hoffenheim's team. If we'd signed him for £6mil I think most would probably think he was a reasonable squad player. But 40 million fucking pounds, playing him as a target man and giving him the no.9 shirt are all fucking ludicrous decisions! 3 goals in 52 games FFS
  14. We've got a shortage of the Pfizer vaccine already. People getting their 2nd doses cancelled. And we vaccinate the whole country at the current rate we will be tipping into 2023 before we reach everyone. Hancock's Spring proclamation is pure bollocks
  15. Still question marks over how quickly it can be produced and how many doses will be sold overseas but fingers crossed we can get enough supply sorted to keep up with demand. Im disappointed we aren't introducing a vaccine passport to get back into pubs etc. There's a big chunk of divvies in this country who are going to refuse the vaccine and make it a longer process getting out of this mess than it needs to be
  16. I agree, but shit like that on Twitter is just more ammunition for the "deluded geordie" bollocks
  17. I'm not downcast, just suggesting that things won't be anywhere near normal by the Summer time. It's all progress and there is an end in sight though
  18. Because the flu vaccine doesn't get delivered in batches of 1000 that need to be used within 4 days of opening and frozen at -70c. It's a logistical nightmare. And because this is the UK government organising it.
  19. Not to be the harbinger of doom but they will be lucky to have half the population vaccinated by 12months time I reckon. I read this morning that America has had almost as many Covid deaths this month as the UK has had in total. That's mental
  20. I see NUFC Twitter thinks it's uncovered a conspiracy linking every pundit that's ever defended Bruce. They all have the same agent apparently. Except they don't. It's just the name of a lass that works for a booking agency and rings around booking after dinner speaker's. "Hi Mr Savage, would you be able to do an after dinner speech for the Slough Barclays Call Centre Christmas party please. £2500 for the night. And while you're on, can you do me a favour and stick up for Steve Bruce next time you are commentating on 5Live. Cheers" "
  21. 30 mins longer than Joelinton can manage to do it
  22. Back 5 and Midfield 4 practically camping in our own half. If we are going to play a lone striker to lump it too why don't we play Carroll. He might be shite but the one thing he CAN do is hold up the ball
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