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  1. Yep. Should never have gone to a replay. Blyth were 1-0 up against Wrexham in the 89th minute and heading for a 6th round tie against Arsenal when... https://www.wsc.co.uk/stories/from-the-archive-when-a-wobbly-corner-flag-ended-blyth-spartans-fa-cup-run/
  2. Turf looks fucked at St James'sss after this rugby league game
  3. Already on it. They've been asking for games techs to help them keep games running. I'm looking forward to it opening so I can take the bairn more than anything. NQ64 which recently opened round the corner is over 18s, which seems like a lot of lost revenue given the usual target demographic for this stuff (kids and sexy 40 year olds)
  4. Bruce is from the same school of British football management as Hughes, Pulis, Pardew, Allardyce, Warnock and McLaren. They don't do tactics, it's all about getting the ball into the "position of maximum opportunity", ie: hoofball. "Fucking get into em" is about as technical as it gets. Speaks volumes that 4 of the cunts managed us under Ashley. 5 if you count Kinnear
  5. I work with a Dr that was caught stealing opiates from patients twice, and is still allowed to practice. A Nurse would have been struck off for doing that once. The GMC is still an old boys club where you get far more leeway for being dangerous
  6. Mad that Man City are beating every fucker 4 or 5-0, yet Arsenal are ahead of them in the table having played the same number of games
  7. 9 games, and the only one we've lost so far was to a 98th minute spawny goal by the Scouse cheats. Looks like our form for the 2nd half of last season wasn't a fluke
  8. Paul Ferris confirmed the story in his autobiography
  9. The second video underneath was pure comedy
  10. Blyth drew Wrexham. Ryan Reynolds now follows Blyth on Twitter
  11. She says whilst giving NHS staff a massively below inflation pay rise...
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