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  1. I didn't even bother with a membership. £40 a season to go in a queue with 30,000+ members and 40,000+ season ticket holders fighting over a handful of match day tickets? Think I'll be making the most of Al Jazeera this season!
  2. Tbf, Botman, Pope and Targett has us 3rd in that list!
  3. He's a real journalist from what I know. Used to cover the non-league scene I'd love Eriksen mind. Him, Bruno and Jo would be one of the best midfields in the league. We can push the boat of with his wages as he's on a free too
  4. And those 30k in the season ticket queue were all folks who've bought a ticket in the last 3 years. Open it up to new fans, those who want 2+season tickets, out of towners and fans who walked away under Ashley and I reckon that queue would have been 40k+
  5. How is 70k not realistic? Every game after Xmas was a 52k sellout and we've just had 30k fans in a queue to buy a new season ticket....
  6. Calling CT https://www.wayfair.co.uk/garden/pdp/dakota-fields-chopin-complete-garden-decking-kit-u001792137.html?piid=24385251
  7. Theres already plans to demolish it. A replacement is being built next to the Sage. NGQ arena, 12500 seats https://www.gateshead.gov.uk/article/20205/NewcastleGateshead-Quays-welcomes-The-Sage-an-international-venue-for-world-class-business-and-entertainment Although this article reckons 1000 houses are being built on the land in front of the arena https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/what-happen-newcastles-utilita-arena-19267548.amp
  8. Plenty of options for sites if extending the ground isn't an option; - Leazes Park - Town Moor - Waterfront/Metro Arena site I've always been against moving grounds but if we can genuinely fill 80,000 seats at an average of £600 a season ticket, that's £50mil a season into the transfer budget
  9. They're on the verge of signing Sterling as well apparently. Add him to Mount, Pulisic, Ziyech and Havertz and that's a decent forward line, albeit missing a proper centre forward
  10. If there were 30,000 in the queue made up only of fans who've bought a ticket in the last 3 years, how many would there have been if it was open to everyone? 40,000? More?
  11. It was about as fair as they could make it tbf. Everyone eligible put into a random spot in the queue. Sickner for those who got a ticket and then the website crashed though!
  12. Unless someone dies, that's probably it for season ticket sales for the foreseeable future. I was so close to getting one last Summer (gave mine up when the bairn was born 6 years ago) but I just could stomach dropping £600 on a Steve Bruce/Mike Ashley dream team.
  13. Turns out the 3rd shirt has a silhouette of the City printed on
  14. Scamacca or Isak. Both 4 or 5 years off their prime and decent goal scoring records in a good league
  15. Porto only signed him 6months ago for €15mil. Guess they'd be looking for at least double that to move him on. Could be on the list of wingers after Diaby?
  16. I suspect he's from Roker tbf Ala "Manc Mag"
  17. I'd happily sell ASM for £40mins and bring Diaby in for £60mil. Doesn't sound like he's up for it though
  18. Bit of a non-story. Headline says we've made a bid, story says we are "readying a bid", they value him at much more, he doesn't want to come and isn't for sale anyway
  19. I mean there's fashion, and then there's paying a fortune to dress like a tatie David Alaba on the other hand...
  20. I know I'm turning into an old cunt, but we can't be signing DCL
  21. My arse is nipping at waiting 3 days for his medical. Gives Milan time to sort their shit out and match our bid
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