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  1. This isn’t a dig at you personally but it’s probably not a great idea if all major media outlets mostly all agree on something . It’s pretty lazy tbh. There’s been more effort on this message board to see another side of things from Rents than from all the taking heeds on tv and radio put together this morning
  2. I suggested that to you at some point in the last couple of years and I was sneered at
  3. BREAKING Team from err “pub league” wins two legged semi to get to Europa League final
  4. Apparently so, but my mind just can’t compute that…. No but I’m going to be doing something…probably an access to higher education thing…might do A level Maths & the engineering access course because I passed the adult version of GCSE maths earlier this year, which may not sound like much but I could barely count at school so I will admit to being chufffed as fuck with it I fancy doing English too (A at O Grade, O level in England ) but I think it would be too much with a full time job…Love history, just about everything I read is about someone dead and I do realise I bang on about it a lot on here, but I think it would bore me if I had to do some subject or period I had no real interest in….
  5. You’ve all heard about this cunt, the dude under carpark in Leicester with the hump, war of the roses, princes in the tower, that interminable fuckin yam yam playright etc etc… turns out Danny Dyer wasn’t alone, it’s strongly suggested suggested here there’s not many folk who aren’t descended from him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_III_of_England https://www.waterstones.com/blog/family-fortunes-adam-rutherford-on-how-were-all-related-to-royalty Not me like, too much Scots and Irish blood in me but for all you proper English types your lucks in…
  6. taking the dog to the rec for his favourite frisbee hour then lunch at The Old Granary on Wareham Quay…this is where the Danes of Guthred’s invasion fleet tied up for the winter and took Anglo Saxon priests and noblemen hostage as portrayed in season two of The Last Kingdom
  7. Accordijg to the majority commenting it’s Man Utd…
  8. I can say with a completely clear concisence that I’ve never voted Tory and I didn’t vote at any point for Blair. So try again mate. You’re one of those who can’t keep away aren’t you? A rabid Tory who can’t believe that what we all told you was true, Johnson & Brexit would be a fuckin disaster. You can’t fuckin stand the truth so you’re back for another go. I’ll give you 48 hours 😘
  9. Everton singing the Joelinton song about Richarlison…flags suddenly appearing in the Gwadlys Street end…. What a bunch of fuckin wankers they are man..,
  10. 1. Tory & Brexit voter has realised he’s been had 2. Using Blair to deflect from Tory government policy (or lack of it) being responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in the pandemic; care homes unlawfully receiving untested hospital patients, locking down too late not once but twice etc etc 3. Possibly a fairly recently banned poster who got his arse handed to him on a plate in this thread, plainly still knacks like fuck . Might be the Ginger Quiff?…
  11. “Who you voted for nearly three decades ago excludes you from criticising the current government ” is just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen posted in this thread* Well done mate, that’s a huge achievement so early on *this is taking into account that long term poster Christmas Tree is a regular contributor
  12. Aye, Jarrow and Monkwearmouth were the principle settlements south of the Tyne, Durham obviously dominated the Wear valley….Sunderland was basically a few fisherman’s huts on Roker beach until about 1800…
  13. Aye that was the key tactical decision that decided the match tbh, Milner effectively sitting on Bruno for 70 mins took him out the game and got Milner man of the match, the miserable looking ferret bothering Yorkshire cunt
  14. Off the ground & studs up = no foul if you’re playing Liverpool
  15. We’re all Saxons round our way chief “MOREBATTLE and MOW, a parish in the district of Kelso, county of Roxburgh; 7½ miles (S. S. E.) from Kelso. The name of Morebattle is supposed to have been derived from the SAXON words Mere, "a marsh," and Botl, "a hamlet," descriptive of its state in former times, when it seems to have been to a considerable extent under water. “
  16. Says more about you than it does CT tbh
  17. Manchester used to be in Northumbria. The border between the glorious cradle of Christianity & civilisation in these islands and the ignorant heathen yam yam pig fuckers of Mercia was the River Mersey which skirts Manchester’s southern flank, illustrated by the fact that the closest football club to the Mersey is Stockport County FC
  18. @The Fish https://zoom.us/ No need for thanks Dave
  19. Mike Dean from Merseyside who’s kids are reputedly season ticket holders at Anfield? That Mike Dean? 🤔
  20. I remember the Becks tap in the Strawberry with immense fondness….like a fragile ornament…mind my liver hated the fuckin thing and it also thinks I’m a cunt to this day
  21. Yeah, we’re a pair of Bush/ Blairite interventionist warmongers
  22. I don’t usually say “I told you so” but I said that on here about 3 hours after the first tank rolled across the border. Putin needs to be physically opposed by NATO. Anything other than defeat emboldens him, his shitty gangster state, those who may sit in his chair next and any other fuckers watching on, sticking their fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing eg China. Yes, nuclear war is a possibility. But mutually assured destruction is either a thing or it’s not. It horrifies me that we may have to try it out but this is indeed very likely the start of WW3 and western leaders look like they’ve come up with err “a plan”, the tone from the US has changed this week and client journos are being instructed to spread the word. Western civilisation has had a good run but all empires crumble….
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