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  1. Can’t find a Matt Targett thread soooooo…..
  2. Just had a Spurs fan be civil to me….whilst I enjoyed the novelty, he can fuck right off with that fuckin shit the fuckin cockney cunt @Dr Gloom Where are you heading for your shandy tonight?
  3. This video wasn’t released before the competition in case it “politicised” proceedings….
  4. Regardless of the pleasure of just being able to just sit there and look at Turner for four minutes or so, am not sure about her latest career move, although she’s right about the bill that will clamp down on the right to protest….
  5. Has the tools to be a good player. His best spell was last season when there was nobody in the stands howling at him….he is/was a target for the miserablists in the Gwladys Street end…. If he does come and Eddie improves him the way he’s improved others & the crowd gets behind him positively there could be a very decent centre forward in him…
  6. Wasn’t there a bit of a carry on when he almost signed up to play for England? 🤔 sad news RIP
  7. Is Meenzer there? 12 points from France….
  8. Liked Iceland, bit of the old First Aid Kit about them…. Still can’t see past Ukraine though..,
  9. And why for fucking fucks sakes are Chelsea wearing yellow?
  10. The scousers booed abide with me apparently…..I get booing the national anthem but booing a hymn? ….anyone know why?
  11. Was round a mates last night & he said his 15 year old fancied joining up…..he was promptly told by his old man to forget all about doing the bidding of politicians who would never pick a rifle up in anger for their country or send their own kids to do so either…
  12. I felt precisely the same. Not sure where the line is or what it will be for me (am pretty sure at some point bone saw dude or one of his goons will do something indefensible and that will be it for me) a strip modelled on the Saudi flag isn’t it though… It is a fuckin shit idea , fuck knows if anyone in a decision making role at the club raised any doubts about it. It looks canny as fuck though, so I think we should have a crowdfunder to buy an official TT NUFC/Saudi shirt, and as @Howmanheyman suggests get “McCreery 4” printed on the back of it
  13. Agreed Kev. I’d especially avoid doing something as utterly fuckin ridiculous such as joining the British Army to make sure being associated with any of these is completely avoided
  14. You’d be surprised who’s queuing up to give NUFC a kicking
  15. My sources tell me the Irish lass went out on the piss with Rydeon (or whatever the buck toothed fuckers name is??) the other night so she could ingratiate herself with the top Eurovision movers and shakers (am presuming that’s @Meenzer and his posse?) but the public spoke and she’s now deemed to have “let her country down “ which will be now be chanted at her whenever she leaves the house to get a pint of milk . Genuine txt I received from my source (the current mrs PL, obvs) last night, she’s bereft..
  16. Brilliant post, please don’t apologise to fuckin anyone for it
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