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  1. Think Charles Barkley has been on the Pabst blue riband
  2. Yanks should’ve been two up before they scored
  3. This half has been mint Yedlin with the pre assist
  4. Me & the current Mrs PL once had lunch with Nathan Ake and his missus . Well, they were at the next table to us in Zizi’s when he was at Bournemouth. It was a Saturday during the season but an international weekend. I told him, “Nate, mate, if you want to be involved with Oranje you’ll have to join a higher profile club than AFCB…” Glad to see he took my advice….
  5. Bit of a theme for you today “If you don’t like it go home” as someone famously said . Yesterday
  6. That’s spot on like. It’s bollocks to suggest that there’s been some sort of unbroken thread from the sides who won 3 out of 5 58-70
  7. Yeah, and that was a break from all the complaints in 74 & 78 Every time Hugh Mcilvaney wrote about Brazil at a World Cup he mentioned it. 82 was the last flowering of it what you could describe as the traditional Brazilian way but you also have to remember that Mario Zagallo coached the 1970 WC winners, held up as the all time peak of footballing beauty (heavily influenced by it being the first World Cup widely screened in colour on TV) but he also coached the brilliantly effective winners in 1998…
  8. Learn Basque with Athletic Club on a Saturday morning you say? @Diego21 “The butcher of Bilbao”
  9. There have been journalists writing articles about Brazilian coaches not employing traditional Brazilian football tactics and employing a more European type since 1974 A lot of the current players including that fuckin wanker Neymar endorsed Bolsonaro. The coach Tite is a known leftist. If this lot fail it’ll be partly down to that particular schism Oh and I know it’s late on a Friday night @Dr Gloom but Kevin de Bruyne is Belgian
  10. Is Serbo-Croat one of yours or are you using 60/40 knowledge/intuition there?
  11. SWI V SRB game of the tournament so far by some distance
  12. A goal each so far from world football’s fattest bastards
  13. Im old and Kanye’s first two albums are great. The signs that he was an ocean going cunt were there at the awards ceremony with Taylor Swift. She’s awful btw but she didn’t deserve that
  14. I told you it hadn’t left much of a mark with me
  15. I’ve only seen it once! comments withdrawn @ewerk I didn’t think you were that much of a cunt anyway
  16. I’ve seen In Bruges, thought it was ok. Obviously not very memorable for me. If you want a similar sort of culty, caper-y, gangstery thing I’d suggest Pulp Fiction is 10 times the film with 10 times more memorable lines
  17. Hitlers allies. Read some books Dave
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