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  1. I like, in no particular order: 1. hip hop 2. Eastern European folk music 3. Flutes in music in general
  2. This is different…. message boards are an anachronism nowadays. They’re something from the first decade of the internet being widely available in work places and homes. They have charm, wit and a strange but very touching intimacy at times. Podcasts are full of narcissists who all want to be famous. Don’t know why anyone would want to get involved with one Dave tbh
  3. Why the fuck do I need to listen to some other cunts opinions about football? There’s something fuckin wrong with you mate if you need to be told what’s just happened in the game
  4. @Meenzer is this the official Ukraine entry this year??
  5. 🪑🪑🪑🪑🪑🪑 A good mate’s ex business partner is a Wycombe season ticket holder….there’s little doubt I’ll be offered a ticket for the final….
  6. If he gets a PCN he’s screwed anyway so…
  7. I’ll pass that on… his folks are friends of the widow of the man who took me to my first Newcastle game 😆
  8. That fuckin knacka mouth of the Tyne on twitter came up with this fuckin nonsense yesterday, it was debunked in the replies almost immediately by none other than the vice chairman of Berwick Rangers…. yet here we are
  9. The alternative is plainly Lucas De Bolle #kalewatermags
  10. How did all this go @thebrokendoll??
  11. We were playing ok till Bruno got booked, he then stopped getting on the ball. Stop Bruno = stop Newcastle
  12. “Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune… “. Dennis Waterman: Minder and New Tricks star dies aged 74 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-61372712
  13. The usual suspects pushing it, presumably to deflect attention from the tories getting their arses handed to them on a plate in the local elections. Somebody on Twitter suggested it was a Covid risk assessment, which to me would completely exonerate him. Also being pointed out Starmer’s wife and interior decorator weren’t at the shindig at the Labour Party office in Durham
  14. So how much shit is Starmer in?…. If he gets a FPN he should walk….who does that leave?… are Cooper and Burnham too tarnishes with Blairism to be considered as electable? 🤔 https://news.sky.com/story/beergate-memo-calls-into-question-starmers-claim-that-he-did-not-break-lockdown-rules-12607392
  15. Again, situation normal on Wearside..
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