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  1. Beer ✅ Chocolate ✅ chips ✅ Don’t diss the Flemings or for that matter the muthafuckin Walloons in my presence sonny Jim
  2. Fairly sure I’ve asked a few people from non white ethnicities where their folks had come from without any problems. I don’t think I’ve done it straight away though, I’ve established some form of rapport with them first. This upper class harridan probably isn’t used to anyone not giving her the answer she wants straight away. Big line in the sand drawn now from the palace & the PoW… if you’re an ignorant twat you’re out. Given H & M’s allegations it’s not a surprise really…
  3. Definitely Andy Thomas’s finest hour….in fact it’s fair to say his only hour
  4. I think officially he was 33 and had been ill but I reckon you’re right…. Not sure Maradonna would want his former skipper around
  5. Mac Allister scores for Argentina….reminds me of the great man…
  6. Yeah the code League raided for a century to get some players with actual skill 😀
  7. Well there’s no need to get in a rut about it
  8. Same thing happened to Barry Venison when he was with Newcastle
  9. I think it’s nice they’ve found each other after they’re both finished
  10. This is why England are out of the World Cup on Sunday
  11. Some purveyors of both codes of rugby still call them football What is termed football in this country was widely called soccer up until the early 80s iirc
  12. PaddockLad


    You’re right, I seldom get drawn into these things but he was such a self righteous prick..lesson learned.. raise eyebrows and move on..
  13. You been waiting all day to roll that doozy out?
  14. Henderson. That should read Henderson
  15. A tournament too far for Bale, Ramsey and Johnson..
  16. Didn’t qualify for the Indian labourer spattered fuckin sportswashing fest did they? 😀
  17. I hope now the press and public have forced Southgate to pick their side England actually win
  18. PaddockLad


    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Truro…..who knew? He’s like me, he hides his Englishness very well
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