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  1. “Hey fellow UEFA dudes, we could hold the week of football in Singapore, or Seattle. or even Ulaan Bator!” 😒
  2. “save our seats”….. one of our little group nowadays was taken to all the home Fairs Cup games as a 8 year old in 1968/69 by his dad who was turfed out of the seat he thought was his for the rest of his life . He never went back and was bitter about it till the day he died….
  3. That’s really good cheers mate anything take your fancy on RSD 2022?…
  4. Berwick upon Tweed in England is further north than 7/8 of Southern Scotland
  5. Does anyone inhabit or even recognise the world Morgan is portraying here? I sure as fuck don’t . There’s plainly huge money to be made being “anti woke”
  6. Is the away goal rule being ditched this season making the knock out stages in Europe more open? 🤔
  7. It would be very tricky getting back from Croydon in time for the last train from Kings Cross or whereever after an 8pm kick off even if you’re not kept behind. We can’t even get back to Waterloo
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/apr/25/twitter-elon-musk-buy-takeover-deal-tesla?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  9. Been thinking about this today….apart from a half decent initial bounce he’s barely improved anything. And the locals have noticed https://www.villatalk.com/topic/22443-steven-gerrard/page/514/
  10. She looks like Rooney’s little sister who was expelled from the school for kids who have been expelled from school
  11. Yeah, there is that… Man City are more than a decade in and still haven’t won the European cup though…. add to that the general fuckin indifference towards them from at least the English football public….fair to say they’re disliked, but not many outside the NW of England actively hate them, for all their wealth & superstar manager…signing Haaland might change sone if that I suppose…but I don’t think the likes of us or Man City will ever be a Real Madrid or a Liverpool etc regardless of what we win…
  12. He’s the sort of coach who would relish working abroad I reckon…the only thing that would stop him from going to Real or Barca is unlimited cash here….he still might go though…they’re on a different level to NUFC….
  13. If he kicks on next season we might struggle to keep him tbh….incredible job he’s done.
  14. The Chelsea coach Emma Hayes agrees, the goals should be smaller….so should their shorts, and so should their tops…sorry, just came over all Sepp Blatter there for a second…
  15. 🙋‍♂️ but I fuckin should be
  16. Whoever those trespassers are Troops I hope the club ban them, bloody liberty takers 🙄
  17. Always a big fan of Agassi's missus... sort of nice,quiet, polite continental lass... but she looked like she could athletically fuck you half to death then play three sets v Martina without breaking much of a sweat
  18. Dave’s just txtd me and he wants to know hairy xG v baldy xG
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