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  1. Reygis Luh Breeyuz? Been an MLF since boyhood, marra. ( On the wiki page for his hometown, pop. 8,500+- , there’s 4 “personalities” listed.… … have a guess who isn’t ).
  2. No one’s going to buy it anyway- the first 300 pages are given over to dedications to his kids.
  3. I take it they didn’t have shin gunts, like the pic you posted earlier. ( I don’t actually believe any of this nonsense, tbh- how would you have been able to see anyone when, given your vehicular history, you’d have been tied on the back of it.)
  4. Real, poor Kunt. In a surprising twist, she has announced her engagement to recently divorced, pizza-face DJ Simon Mayo. “ I’m so pleased I won’t have to hear any more jokes about my name”
  5. Given the early kick-off, shit performance, obvious intake of teatime pints on your behalf, is it too much to ask that you actually get one of these “ American hotties” on a pervsnap? Disable the shutter sound, pretend you’re trying to take a panorama if Mrs.ewerk is hovering, whatever. I’m beginning to suspect that you’re actually at a swingers resort and it’s over-40s week.
  6. Lucky bastard. And I only saw the 2nd half.
  7. Is this a wifey lying on her side, arse pointing camera-wards, or is she sitting on her arse with her legs out front, but they’ve been twisted 90°to the left?
  8. Kelly Heroes was my favourite film as a kid in the 70s, partly due to Clint being Clint, but mainly due to Sgt. Oddball. “I’m drinking wine and eating cheese, and catching some rays, you know.” RIP
  9. Dustin Hoffman, method actor, stayed up for 48hrs for a scene where he was meant to have been awake for… 48hrs Apparently Olivier’s response was “ Dear boy, just try acting” Anyway, this is like having a root canal.
  10. Missed the first half due to fuck-onery. Was it as turgid as this half so far?
  11. Who are these splitarses pitchside? Wouldnt.
  12. Must be lifting by now. Stander or sitter?
  13. Tbf, that was about the last set of kits that had decent cheese pockets.
  14. Also, coincidentally, their transfer kitty.
  15. Another dumb Tory twat caught betting on the election date https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cd11j1q3y13o
  16. Snap, post, delete. ffs, this is basic level pervery.
  17. I take it you’ve posted the blart pics in the Sunshine Fanny thread, as I’ve zoomed and scanned this and the best I can work with is the back of some slapper’s bikini?
  18. Some wag has definitely set it at “pinhead” size and not told her it’s adjustable
  19. “ Hello everyone This is me turning left… … now we’re turning right. Oh, look, it’s a straight bit of road! Fucking Audi drivers , amirite?” Nah, think I’ll pass
  20. @Howmanheyman If I lived in Peterborough, I’d also be soliciting middle-aged truckers for “coffee”
  21. Made carbonara for the Fists tonight. Having been awake sine since 9pm last night, I may have accidentally necked the better part of a bottle of wine in the process. Guaranteed Kip tonight, though.
  22. Carol Vorderman. https://twitter.com/carolvorders/status/1780565996853506523?s=46&t=w4r-LqU0SUcmGlTte5DwxQ I’ll have two large ones from the top, and a couple of small ones from below please Carol. Giddup!
  23. Allergic reaction to his daughter’s snatch.
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