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  1. Holidays 2020

  2. Yes Gemmill...

    RIP The Knight Ryder has lost another valued ITK. Seemed a decent bloke, I wonder if his cunt brother will bother to show up at his funeral?
  3. The jump shot

    She’s a bit old for your tastes, Craig.
  4. Politics

    He’s using it to mop the sweat from his undermoob.
  5. The jump shot

    Someone’s had too much cooking lager.
  6. The jump shot

    t00nraider2 is such a wrongun he has to make plane noises to get his cock in his lass’s mouth.
  7. What are you playing

    This is coming out in a week- Ghost ofTsushima It looks a lot like Assassins Creed in Japan, which is no bad thing. I’m tempted to get this before Last of Us 2, the ending of which I’ve had spoilt by some utter cunt.
  8. Coronavirus

    Goes well with Gin.
  9. Dear Newcastle

    Gets on my wick.… Ooer, missus.
  10. Dear Newcastle

    You haven’t seen HMHM’s Elton joke, then.
  11. Dear Newcastle

    You ok Hun? PM me.
  12. Dear Newcastle

    Since it’s Watford- Elton John was asked what kind of salad he’d like. “ Rocket Man!” Fuck off
  13. Dear Newcastle

    Trying to spot the pun here did my napa in.
  14. Dear Newcastle

    Very good Fish, batavia seen Dougle’s post above?
  15. Dear Newcastle

    That’s kos you can’t improve perfection ( I’d say this is a burn, but it’s only slightly chard).
  16. Dear Newcastle

    Little Gem of a comment there, Robin.
  17. Tubs smashing out his comment above…
  18. Politics

    It seemed the logical progression.
  19. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Fair point.
  20. Bruce Manager of NUFC

  21. Precedent Trump

    Michael Cohen, Trump's ex-lawyer, ordered back to jail https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53357098 The Yanks are fucking weird when it comes “their rights”… Judge- ”You can serve the remainder of your sentence at home if you like?” Trump Cunt- ” Yes please” Judge- ” But, you can’t use social media until your time’s up…” Trump Cunt- ” Muh Twitter!! Fuck you, take me back to the COVID infested jail”.
  22. His daughter running out of best friends for him to shag while his Mrs. recovers from cancer?
  23. Politics

    MFed your post.
  24. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    I understand his section about Bruce being a decent bloke etc, but he’s missed what I reckon is the majority feeling towards him. I loved Hughton, was bemused by JFK,I fucking despised Pardew with a seething passion, I was embarrassed by Dutch Schteve and Carver. Utterly in love with Rafa. I’m absolutely indifferent to Bruce, if I’m honest. When they engineered Rafa’s exit, the last shred of a fuck I gave went with him. edit; I’m sure he’s aware that so many fans just don’t care anymore, I’m just surprised he didn’t mention it.
  25. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Cheers, Loadsamoney.

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