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  1. They became the mega-rich club they are by selling their training grounds to the City of Madrid, which, conveniently, had just changed the zoning of the grounds, allowing it to be used for office and residential developments, and also served to massively increase the land value. The sale cleared the clubs debts. Blow it out of your arsehole, La Liga
  2. Also, weren’t Real Madrid basically state owned for decades?
  3. I’m going to be generous and give them a day to wank themselves dry before the transfer threads start on Ready To Groom- “ Should we go for Richarlison?” ” Bring Pickford Home” etc etc. Then another week before the rage begins, partly because the above doesn’t actually become a reality, and partly because the reality ( that they’ll have a “war chest” of 25p and a bag of crisps) will become evident.
  4. Tell you what, Newcastle council need to put an emergency lockdown on Central station tonight. These fucking biohazards will be even more rancid than usual after their Trafalgar baths and the Bukkake parties on the way back.
  5. And he’s about 300yr old, that would be funny as fuck.
  6. Wycombe are going to equalise here, aren’t they?
  7. Is that bloke who took over when your lot were 3rd?
  8. The fucking state of it Also, mackems keeping up their tradition of going to games dressed as empty seats..…
  9. I’m extracting ingrown hairs from my dogs anal glands. Smells better.
  10. What tale? edit; it’s the dick pics, isn’t it?
  11. @Andrew Have we got enough funds to get these stranded car mackems an über? Not to Wembley, though, I’m thinking Plymouth or Bristol, somewhere nice
  12. Thats terrible mind, all Alan had to do was ditch half a ton of the Lasagne supplies and they could’ve given the lads a lift.
  13. Oh, I dunno, everyone replying, hoping they get to see the match, and the lad saying they’re sorted with a replacement coach, whilst the poor sap who’s car they hit responds, saying he was also on the way to the game -zero responses.
  14. “ Can we change this lads’ name to Professor Gloom, it’s doing me head in”
  15. mackem Match day Checklist Money- ✅ Phone- ✅ Lasagne- ✅ 8 Ace - ✅ Cheese- ✅ Swimming trunks- ✅ Ticket- ❌
  16. Definitely Alan Kennedy to the right of Terry Mac. I think you’re right, the bloke next to Frank Clark is Tommy Cassidy, it’s just a fucking terrible shot of him. He’s sat next to Lee here and he’s only bloke on our books that looks remotely similar and was in the squad at the time of the pic above.
  17. If any of them could read they’d be banging their kids double quick and saying “ it’s fine, says so on the sign marra!”
  18. Didn’t one of them once say that he always took pocketfuls of cheese to the game? It might even have been in the same thread as the crisp shaped like a lion?
  19. This might be a gathering of the Micks. “ Eeya owa Mick Jnr! When’s Unkal Mick coming?” ” Daint kna- ‘e said he ‘ad to meet Basic Mick at Totnum Court Road - he’d lent Basic is trainers and yellow trackie” ” Totum Court Road? Is thar’in London?” ” Daint knaa…” ” Ah hate the mags” ” Aye” ” Ah wish Big Mick and Little Mick were hea “ ” Aye- have the got tellys on the nonce wing?” ” Daint knaa…” “ FTM!” ” Aye”.
  20. Looks like Gandaft has been sending group messages about accommodation. #freshairb&b #smellslikehome #heronfoods #statues #flag #fence
  21. Wonder why they didn’t get the train from sunderland, hmm?
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