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What Do You Think Of Everyone?

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Arnt you a fucking teacher or something. The idea is to calm a dispute not pour petrol on it.


D minus.


Stevie is a one-man dispute. The way he carries on sometimes is simply embarrassing. When fans of another club come on here, the first moment anyone says anything that could remotely be construed as anti-NUFC, he's frothing at the mouth, ranting about attendance figures, hamming up his online Geordie accent ye knaaaaaaaaaaa and you just want to gouge your eyes out. He'd start a fight in an empty room - Ant just happens to be the target of his vitriol because he's on a Leazes kick at the moment, which says it all about him really.


p.s. when my students racially abuse someone, they get sent to the time-out room, which is pretty much what's happening to Stevie. Similar mental age, I should think.

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lol fucking hell went and watched django unchained and some House and he's still going on


apparently i'm a "geeky nob" because his mate said so, and he'd "kick the shite outta me" , was he not having a whinge on here to baggio about his jaw before....anyway


Honestly i think this is more embarrassing than the leazesmag meltdown, least he was a bit touched and was actually banned, stevie says "lock my account" and then flips out when it is

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Leazesque breakdown going on on Twitter.


How come The Fish always gets the brunt of it?

I'm active, I did ask Stevie why he'd asked to be locked.


Plus, I'm a likeable fellow, with great taste in beers, bhunas and bitches.


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I just saw 'Number9Nurse' quoted by Stevie in the thing with Ant and thought 'oh aye in CatMag involved' :blush2: .


Nowt to do with me! I'm on there but there's no cat moniker involved, plus I missed the whole of last nights entertainment :o

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He hasn't been banned today but he's telling the whole of twitter he has been. Is Leazes really worth getting this upset over? No is the answer


See this is why twitter is a pile of shit.


Who the fuck wants to know a recruitment consultant has been banned from a football forum.


Absolute waste of everything that place.

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