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Reckon we'll sign anyone good before the deadline???

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Can't see it now, which is a shame because I would like to see us get a creative midfielder.


I thought Alan Smith is our creative midfielder. :D


Hopefully the injuries to Ramage and Carr will force Allardyce's hand into signing a new right back, Faye would be decent cover at the back but I don't think we need yet another defensive midfielder, we really need a midfielder with pace to close the huge gap between midfield and attack which is what we should have replaced Dyer with.

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I would like to see a right back from Chelsea... JM has too many of them now...


Not Glen Johnson though. He is cack.


I thought he did well at Pompey last season... I think he is better than carr.


aye glen johnson's good a think


good going forward but can't tackle for toffee.


has an ego problem as well.

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was in the Strawberry this morning before we went to the game - Chris Mort was in we asked him to join us, which he did, was saying that we are defo buying a defender before the deadline, but wouldnt tell us who :razz:


he seems a canny bloke :mellow: he even tried to pay for his breakfast twice lol


Well dani alves is available :blush:

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