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My football hero, walks on water, flies in helicopters. :good:


"Flies in helicopters"  means, to you, he flies in the air sort of thing?  Since I've never heard anyone say this before. 


In this situation, I highly doubt that one would really care if one flew in a helicopter.  Which is why I had to try and figure it out.  Man I love this site! :thumbup:

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Ah, I see.


But it COULD mean to Howmanheyman: Keegan walks on water, "flies in helicopters", as a way to say he thinks KK can also float through the air as much as he can walk on water. Can it not? :unsure2:

Thinking too much, it doesn't do you any good in the long run, LT. ;)
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I remember being at that match. Sat in the old West (now Milburn) stand. 33 years ago this May ffs. It was a 2-2 draw against Liverpool (league champions and just a couple of weeks before they would win their 4th European Cup).

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Kevin Keegan:


“Football means so much in this region and it is so important that Newcastle get back in the Premier League – I think they’ll do that this year.


“They (Newcastle United) will win the league and get back to where they belong.


“Then it is tough – but it’s a big enough club to carry it and it has got all that fantastic support.


“The club will be there forever – people will come and go but Newcastle United will be there forever.


“They are great supporters and even when at their lowest after a bad game on a Saturday and they say they’re not going to go next week….


“Monday comes they are thinking ‘ what will I do?’.


“Tuesday comes and they think ‘I’ll probably go again’.


“By Wednesday, they’re going to go again.”


The bloke really gets it, maybe one day when Ashley does one he'll return in some capacity

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