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The Forest Game

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a win and some very valuable time on the pitch for Barfa, Marveaux and Abeid. Plus what sounds like a nice cross from Obertan. Shipping a few goals is kind of expected when you have Perch in defense.

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Just woke up (5.45 am in Perth). Sounds like quite a game.



Any injuries???


radio said Ferguson was hobbling at the end, we had made all 3 changes by then...think that was it. Ben Arfa did an hour, Merveux 120 mins...


Cheers, mate. Now let's get Santon back and see what a full-flight NUFC can do!

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Elliot doesn't come off looking that crash-hot from the clip. But, of course, you can't tell much from 30 seconds worth of footage.


I'd be keen to hear from those who were at the game as to how he played.


Harper is fit again. Wasn't played in this because Pardew wanted to give Ellito a chance to play - didn't want him coming to a new club and then not getting a chance to play for ages.... something about his confidence. As it was I can't see how that performance is going to do his confidence any good, small consolation for him really that we managed to win the game.


As with any other player it would be silly to write someone off after one poor performance.

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I'd like to see Marveux, Bafra and Cabaye on the pitch at the same time.

You could only play one striker with them three on.


no point playing 442 anyway is there with our strikers. ben arfa will probably play like a roving second striker anyways won't he?

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