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Guest CabayeAye

shows those mackems are thick as fuck like eh what they need is my cunterhead fist in there faces lol

Your fist is a cunterhead?


Is Deaders a KSA style parody account?

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Had a quick look on RTG this morning.


Todays gems in a 283 page thread of our game v Swansea;


1: NUFC, the luckiest team in the Premier league.


2: Alan Parry personally asks to commentate on NUFC games, so in love with NUFC is he. When Cisse scored his second he went on his arse and 'slid on the saliva of the commentators'.


3: We've stolen their song!!! (Something about a Cisse song?)

Said with a straight face from a support that canibalised two iconic Geordie anthems, 'The Blaydon Races' and 'The Geordie Boot Boys'. :jesuswept:


4: Other clubs go all out to beat SAFC but give NUFC some unwarranted respect probably due to us doing well in the nineties.


5: As above with the fans, Swansea made their ground intimidating against SAFC but were pussy cats v NUFC.

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How were we lucky, at all?


Swansea being useless in the final third does not equal luck.

I think they were generally saying we're a lucky side all the way through the season although a couple of them mentioned the fact we only had two shots at goal. They slaughtered Swansea for just passing the ball around and not getting at us.

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Theyre really fucked off today :lol:


thread about us being given an unfair advantage and easy fixtures over this weekend


currently ended by


Shut up you crazy deluded fucks (those who cannot see the truth of course)

Are Chelsea one of these big teams favoured. Have you seen their FA Cup and CL ties??

Give over will you.

So far...



Had a head start over you

Hadnt played anyone up until December

And now have the luxury of a fixed fixture list


Go back to your own board skunk. And btw your manger is a smarmy prick who will be at Spurs next season. And btw all the above is true.


fucking mental :lol: and how anyone can call pardew when theyve got oniell as manager...christ

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Seething atm, calling Alan pardew a "burn victim" and harassing us:


Originally Posted by Mackem DJ viewpost.gif

A player from the Bundasleiga, A freebie with a dodgy knee from a relegated team, and a trialist who wasn't wanted by anyone else because he's a trouble maker.


It could have gone soooo wrong for them but fair play, it's all smelling of roses at the moment.





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I like how one of them was saying how they have a better histroy having won the league 6 times but as it was before 1992 most mags won't remember that:-). Before 1992 5 of them were before the first world war and I bet even Noelie doesnt remember the most recent one in 1936.


Only two of them were in the twentieth century.


(I know three of ours were very early but still.)


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I think both clubs have good histories - within the wider context of English football.


We just have a better one.


I don't really have a problem with them giving more weight to league titles - I know Stevie argued that fans used to put more emphasis on the cups which I'm not sure about but I think as we stand now looking back leagues do mean more.


Of course the way they argue you would think that 6 was a lot more than 4 or that cups meant/mean absolutely nothing (and that's leaving asid the dismissal of the Fairs cup) in order to conclude that they have the better history - that's just taking an angle for their benefit far too far which is why I do find it full of shite.


As I think I've said before the only place on earth which doesn't acknowledge that the Fairs cup was the forerunner of the UEFA cup is the SMB which really shows how small-minded they are.

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Spurs fans don't either because Arsenal won it!


I think its Jackie Milburns autobiography where he mentions how seriously Leeds took it at around that time - they were the beaten by Upest in the semi and Revie was quoted as saying how they were going to hammer us in the final.

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