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1 hour ago, David Kelly said:

They just constantly wasted the money he gave them.

This summarises why they are where they are perfectly. 
Short gave ridiculous money, to their multiple managers, who all, without exception, managed to piss it all away on absolute shite. 
I can’t remember which player it was, but they only recently stopped paying the bloke years after he left the club. 

Their managerial merry-go-round is really something else, and their slavering mob of orcs have played their part in it. 

Fucking joyous to watch it all slowly unfold :lol:

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1 hour ago, Rayvin said:

The other perplexing thing about this is what they think would happen if they did get the media attention they want? Somehow that would force the club into spending money or hiring a new manager or whatever it is they think the problem is? All it would do is remind people that they're a joke.


The media are doing them a favour.


I guess they want the media to say 'there, there'? 


It burns them that nobody cares about them aside from their local rivals. Even then, more and more they matter less and less. As with Portsmouth and Leeds they thought where they fell from is where they should be and the degree of attention shouldn't change. They are a well supported League 1 side, who were in the top flight more recently than any of their opponents, but that's it. They're not down there on a holiday any more, they've moved in. I wonder how well attended they'd be were it not for COVID? 

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It's hard to say I guess - they do still think of themselves as temporary residents in League 1, just beset each year by incompetence. But increasingly they're losing the players and status that such an argument relies on.


I actually think the worst outcome for them in the short term would be promotion tbh - they'd soon realise just how far they've fallen.

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52 minutes ago, Tom said:

Why doesn’t he just take the other companies to court? Surely he’d make millions. 


Oh...it’s not a real drink.


Also, he was taken to court (and lost), over the design, which he ripped off directly from Whyte Bikes. 

I believe he’s yet to pay them for their legal costs and court-mandated compensation. 

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“I’ve been in talks for weeks now to buy the wonderful brand of GeekNerd comics, the fans deserve better!” #superman #hashtags #business #stillpickingonfishdespiteclearevidencethatitupsetshim 

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2 hours ago, Sonatine said:


Nurse, the screens!

He’s not far from howling at the moon 


2 hours ago, Kid Dynamite said:

Rich energy's Twitter account has 666 followers ffs 😂 Even Fish has more than that 

And most of his followers are geordie fans trolling him 

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 Where next? Let’s take a look at the cultural delights of Sunderland 😮 

Why not go to Kwik-Fit and get your tyres changed!? 

After that...get some scran at one of the towns 450 Greggs! 

If you can’t make it to Tynemouth, why not try Roker Beach! 

Then sample some real culture at the Glass centre! An entire centre made of glass.

Buy yourself a new vape at the bridges shopping centre. 

Where else would a billionaire playboy want to be? Nice one Sunderland. Nice one

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Assuming this takeover by Elaine from Seinfelds cousin does go through, and assuming he's willing to spunk a load of money on them like Short did, they still have the problem that they aren't an attractive option for players who are looking for anything but a payday.  Most of us are aware that it's not always the easiest to attract players to come here.  It's colder than the rest of the country, further away from London than anywhere else, we can't promise the biggest wages and we can't offer challenging for trophies or European football.  Even when we could offer those last three we found it harder than teams in London and Manchester.  They have the same problems as us but also have a town that offers nothing, fans that have made their players feel intimidated at home, no European history whatsoever and being stuck in league 1.   I don't see any immediate prospect of them moving very far upwards at all.

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Aye, they deny it while calling our lot deluded but the fans literally expecting promotion as they assume they’re still a PL side on a temporary stop is a real issue for them. Any draw or loss receives a massive backlash as they still haven’t got it through their thick skulls that this is their level now. 

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