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Mmm Good Question. OK. I am Atletico de Madrid Supporter. This is first point. You should know, Atletico was a big club in the past (70s and 90s) in recent years... but with a bad president we get rel

Matt Hancock and Darren Grimes are fans?

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When you see it in white as white light it is so over-designed, but the pic a few pages back that was posted of it being worn after a u21 match takes the glossiness off it and you don't really read the blue pin stripes of gold flashes everywhere.


The rabbits tooth thing tips it over te edge for me though, really don't see why it's needed

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That's pretty poorly designed really. Why does the sponsor logo not just go on the shirt instead of them putting a white bar across which is bigger than it needs to be for the sponsor logo? Why the blue stripes? Looks like there'll be a white patch on the back as well. It could be worse. it could be much, much better.

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Lose the blue stripes (pin-stripes and the ones at the side), the white box for the sponsor, the white patch on the back and have the logo embroidered directly onto the shirt and that'd be perfect.


Devil's in the detail.

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Found this on NUFC-Forum.




Suppose it doesn't look that bad there (talking about the shirt, not those shorts). But the white sponsor patch and the patch on the back (that noone has seen but you assume it'll be there anyway) almost ruin it.


edit; honestly, get rid of the collar and don't give the sponsor its own patch (and preferably have the Wonga logo in black) and that'd be a really decent shirt. Shame.

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I actually really like it!


Reckon they will also release a black Wonga shirt as another option? Like they did with the gold touch 2 year ago?


Seems odd puma to release images of it otherwise.


Either way I think people's negative reaction to it to be fickle. It's a nice shirt.

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