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We need to get back to proper fullbacks..

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There's no way we could play the system we're looking to play with the likes of Taylor at rightback imo. We need the fullbacks to provide width overlapping Remy and HBA. The problem we're having is the problem inherent in this system and you see other clubs (better teams than us) having to deal with it too.

This doesn't absolve either fullback from having poor games on Saturday nor does it mean they don't have to defend. But you have to be able to get a balance like we did well against Villa and in the second half against Fulham. Aginst Hull it all went wrong though. A fair part of that was because of Ben Arfa's shite game and Sissoko not being involved enough imo.

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To be honest, Simpson isn't as bad as people made out. His first season he reminded me of a dog in the park. He was so excited to see the football he would run his hardest to get it. People forget that Simpson made a lot of goal line clearances that won us games. He did have the odd lapse but I would have signed the lad on a new contract.


I agree with Santon on the right but I would play Dummett on the left. That lad proved against Nevas he was no mug. He is quite quick as well.

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