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1 minute ago, Rayvin said:

Also a great opportunity for Javid to save himself from the trainwreck of Brexit.

Aye but how embarrassing is it for Sunak? Watching his boss stand up and refuse to fire all the officials working for him and get fired for doing so then Rishi the little lickspittle gets the job because he agrees to do Cummings bidding without question.

I guess we should’ve known he has zero self respect after his election appearances.

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The narrative will change anyway. It’s not about Parliamentary sovereignty and they’ll say it never was. It’s about making Britain great again because it’s intangible but the morons can get behind it. It’s disturbing alright but only if you’re intelligent enough to care 

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Tbf just reading her biog, it's not obvious why she comes across as a complete moron. Won a scholarship for a fee paying school, Cambridge graduate, barrister from Middle Temple. Not the CV of someone thick. I see she also benefitted from Erasmus, the fucking hypocrite. 

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