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Another one!


A 25-year-old woman who went missing 10 years ago in California has told police she was forced to marry her captor and have his child.


The unnamed woman contacted police shortly after communicating with her sister on Facebook, officers said.


Isidro Garcia, 41, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment.


Police said in a statement he had been living with the girl's family at the time of her disappearance.


The abuse began in 2004, the statement said, when Mr Garcia was dating the victim's mother and residing with her and her daughters in Santa Ana, a city in Orange County.


The police allege that Mr Garcia began sexually assaulting the victim in June of that year, only four months after the girl arrived in the US from Mexico.


In August, he assaulted the victim's mother and drugged the teenager, driving her 26 miles north to Compton, Los Angeles, where she was locked in a garage, say police.


"Over the course of the following months and years, Mr Garcia repeatedly told the victim her family had given up looking for her, and if she tried to go back to them, the family would be deported," police said.


The two moved on several occasions to avoid police detection, and used different identities, the police statement said.


Mr Garcia frequently physically and sexually assaulted the victim, it is alleged, and the two of them worked together at a night cleaning service.


"Even with the opportunity to escape, after years of physical and mental abuse, the victim saw no way out of her situation and lived a life with Garcia under sustained physical and mental abuse," police said.


At a press conference, Corporal Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department told reporters Mr Garcia had "brainwashed" her.


He said that in 2007, he forced the woman into a marriage, using documents he obtained in Mexico, and in 2012 the two had a child.



Bertagna of Santa Ana police said the victim's mother had reported her missing and police tried to find her

Recently, she contacted her sister on Facebook and was told that her mother had indeed been trying to find her, using a Spanish language newspaper and television station.


The communication with her sister made her realise she needed to leave, said Mr Bertagna, and on Monday she went to police to report that she was a victim of domestic abuse, and she told them she had been abducted.


The following day, police formally arrested Mr Garcia on suspicion of kidnapping for rape, lewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment. He has not been charged.


Neighbours in the street in Bell Gardens, Los Angeles, where the couple lived in recent years said on Wednesday evening they were stunned by the news, describing them as a happy couple who doted on their young daughter and even hosted parties.


The arrest comes a year after three women who went missing separately about a decade earlier were rescued from a house in Cleveland, Ohio.


Their captor, Ariel Castro, killed himself in prison in September 2013 at the beginning of a life sentence plus 1,000 years.

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New York City police officers killed Eric Garner Thursday after he had broken up a fight between two other men. He was placed in a chokehold and had his head slammed to the pavement. Then other cops piled on top of him as he gasped for air, continually telling the cops that he couldn't breathe.

The entire incident was caught on video from a witness who kept telling the cops that the man had not committed a crime.

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You know the answer of course, more guns.


When can the world start sanctioning the states for their treatment of their own people? More people incarcerated than China, most of them are of an ethnic minority.


Honestly, it's staggering that these are supposed to be a civilised country.


We've got our own demons, but compared to the States we're a fucking Utopia.

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Yup, absolutely mental. It has already become so politicised that the fact of an officer shooting dead an unarmed man has been totally obscured. That video and the militarisation of the US police force is frightening. Proper action man wannabes.

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The American revolution is close. A country with that much disparity between rich and poor and access to the basics can only go one way. The middle class has also shrunk by between 11 - 15% and it has the largest monetised prison population in the West. Key to revolutions isn't the ability to organise and mobilise it is the ability to fight back....And America has the most armed population on the planet - black and the white poor. No amount of militarised police can hold back a country of millions.

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Sergeant Easton McDonald, who works for the Loudoun County Sheriffs Office in Virginia, was at home getting ready for work at roughly 3.30am on Tuesday when he heard the garage alarm sounding.


As he approached the interior of the garage he heard bangs and sounds coming from within, so grabbed a gun.


He opened the door and saw the dark figure of a person walking towards him and fired his weapon at her torso.


The homeowner determined that he had just shot his 16-year-old daughter who was attempting the sneak back into the residence after sneaking out earlier that morning without the parents knowledge, a statement from the Frederick County Sheriffs Office said.

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How does it happen, though? How much a fuckwit do you have to be to shoot first, before asking the 'intruder' to identify themselves? What the fuck are they all so scared of? Or, is it that they're just so excited to get to use their gun, that they're simply looking for an excuse to go Rambo at all times?

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"The accident happened on Monday at Last Stop shooting range in White Hills, Arizona."


What they don't mention, for some reason, is that the gun-shootin' experience in question is called "Bullets And Burgers". :jesuswept:

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