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Other Games 14/15 - Football fans feel the same about stuff, except stuff like Western Sydney Wanderers, because no one gives a shit about them.

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I'm sick of hearing bellends like Merson keep banging on about that as if it was definite. We were fucking crap that season under fat arse, and the football was so fucking dire to watch I thought we'd never see football as bad ever again (we have of course seen as bad if not worse under the current clinging winnet) I remember that game against Fulham where we won 1-0 through a 90+ min pen by Barton as a particularly dreadful one to watch. Allardyce can fuck off, the man is a prick and his brand of football is fucking horrible, his pals pipe up anytime one of his teams go through a spell of getting a few decent results and not playing football that makes a Pulis team look like Barca but it's not going to last.

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It's the inference that his sacking lead to relegation. He could have also said that Noocarsuw would never have been relegated had they kept Keegan.

Or even if they'd appointed a semi-competent manager as opposed to JFK.

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Need to change the thread title to 'fans don't feel the same about stuff'.




Don't do that, it's fairly clear that most fans do feel the same, because I to am unable to give a shit.

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... And thanks for the thread title change.


Champions of Asia > Champions of Europe*


* Based purely on population you massive thundercaths.


IN all seriousness, who's the biggest club in the Asia side of things?

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Mackems winning via a Fletcher headed goal. Against the run of play. Their first shot on target too.


Palace look clueless in the final third. Too many times the pass is on but whoever is on the balls takes the shot or tries to dribble round a packed sunderland defence.


Cattermole is a foul away from a yellow card as well.


The fullback who was coping with Zaha (van Aanholt) just got stretchered off, possible dislocated shoulder?


More goals in this.

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