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48 minutes ago, spongebob toonpants said:

Cricket World Cup has been a bit of a bore tbh. Apart from Afg beating Pak yesterday none of the games seen to have been close or particularly exciting.

50 over format just seems a bit tired, and England appear to have completely forgotten how to play it. Can't be bothered looking but we can't have even played many 50 over games since the last WC. I can't remember any

We haven't and that's the problem.  Even when we have we haven't really looked to play our best team (although I'm not sure anyone knows what that is any more).


Think Robin is spot on, in that there isn't a standout candidate to replace Butler as captain and god know who the options would be as coach.  They probably won't be very interested beyond T20 any more.  Mind that's the only real interest we're showing at the moment full stop.  It's a real shame that we've finally climbed to the top of the mountain and then we've just forgotten about it.

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On 08/09/2023 at 22:10, Kid Dynamite said:


He looks like he's had facial surgery. For a good looking fella that was getting plenty of TV work, I can only imagine the payout he's going to get from the BBC



£9mil payout apparently 

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Appalling, after their bowlers finally found out how to play (sort of).  Muddled thinking throughout the tournament and frankly before it as well, when Brook was brought in for Roy.  Not helped by getting Stokes back either, who would have been much better off preparing for Tests.

Of course, injuries to bowlers didn't help, but I am not sure that Topley and Archer would have made much of a difference either.  Especially as they can't bat well.

Not sure how long they can persist with half that team and Mott.


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