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5 hours ago, Dr Gloom said:

Fairytale stuff for Broad. Gutted to have been abroad and missed it. Aussies lucky to draw the series. We won way more sessions 

Don't forget the Moral Ashes (© twatface Morgan) :smile:

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14 hours ago, Toonpack said:

Stokes just dropped the ashes !!

Must admit that, having seen that and being told there was about 90 minutes worth of rain coming, I went to bed, knowing I would wake to the crowing about a series win. Glad what wasn't the case. :smile:

Frankly, the only person who "dropped the Ashes" was YJB.

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On 08/09/2023 at 22:10, Kid Dynamite said:


He looks like he's had facial surgery. For a good looking fella that was getting plenty of TV work, I can only imagine the payout he's going to get from the BBC


Aye, saw that over the weekend.  There is very little detail on the injuries he sustained. 



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On 11/09/2023 at 12:55, David Kelly said:

Durham promoted 7 years after the ECB screwed them.  Only need a few bonus points from the last two games to clinch the title.

The same day the ECB announced Middlesex would get a suspended points deduction. A timely reminder, just in case anyone thought the ECB weren’t corrupt fucking cunts 

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