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Gigs 2024


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I'd be making it rain with monopoly money on the red carpet if I was you, HF. Sunglasses on. To be fair, it sounds like it'll be a mint night once you get past the red carpet.

And the music

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I've done the same...she doesn't know yet like...and I don't think we get bait either but we are in the gold. See you's at the stage!


And for the record...I'm only attending for attempted beyonce grope



You driving? Will happily accept a lift if you aren't drinking :D

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Yes, The Saints had a huge influence on Australian punk and indie music, Know Your Product is one of their classics.

Ed Kuepper, the founding guitarist, is well worth looking into if you're into guitar based indie music. His band the Laughing Clowns which he formed after leaving the Saints in the early 80s are great as well but more post punk/art punk.







Picked up in Humm records in Newtown, Sydney last week, think it's from last years record store day...this years will entail a visit here...



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