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Sounds dodgy mate, probably having an affair. Hard to blame her in all fairness.

Your wife? Well...

One trick is to have a look at the back of your phone and if it doesn’t say ‘iPhone’ on it then just chuck it straight in the bin.

He's made a bit of a tit of himself with all this fuss over a phone released 2 weeks ago and hallucinating queues outside of retail stores.

There was a queue you fucking dopes. Maybe they were returning their gigantic shite new iPhones. Apologies I didn't have the latest iPhone release in my diary like you and ewerk btw. :razz:
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I still don't see the point of them.


Running, exercise etc without the phone. Now the new one has the GPS its independent (ish) of the phone for run tracking, which is what the intended use is. You sync a playlist of up to about 100 songs and you have an iphone for your run without the need to carry the iphone. 


Not sure its worth it but i was given one for free so use it for running. Most people who run have a sports watch and the best GPS watches from Tom Tom and Garmin are about the same price (think top of range Tom Tom cardio GPS is around 400 euros). I wouldnt have bought the first model but this second one seems ok. Not going to update the one i have though, better things to spend money on.  

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Do you still need to charge these watches every night? If so, seriously, who could be arsed with that? Everything needs charging nowadays, it's a right chew on.

Mine lasts a week pretty much, and takes 45mins for a full charge (an hour if using the USB port rather than the plug),

I'd wear it 24/7 and gotta admit pleasantly surprised how well it works and automatically tracks things.

If I don't start an "activity" it'll still catch on I'm doing footy training or whatever and mark the correct period as sport, or aerobics when we're doing our warmup lol, gets it right everytime.


The sleep tracking works well albeit a lot of the time it's flagged me as restless rather than awake I remember being awake.

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Doesnt get away with a music source though, you need to spend a bit more for one which stores music.


The non-Apple ones that do store music are apparently a fanny on to sync and have manufacturer headphone pairing issues with not all brands supported.

Aye, and the music control on this I don't use, it has it and it works but I've Bluetooth headphones for the gym and it's easier to tap the buds/control on those that a phone or watch
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I've been looking into Google Fi tbh, phones are an absolute bump over here (my bill is $88 per month for 3gb of data and unlimited talk+text) so the idea of paying just $20 per month for talk and text and then $10 for each gb I use is enticing as I'm a fairly low data user (I rarely go over 2gb but the plans are 1gb or 3gb). My only concern is they use Sprint and T-Mobile networks, I've no experience with T-Mobile but I used to have Sprint and it was complete and utter dogshit despite what their adverts are now saying about being only 1% worse than Verizon.


Getting the Pixel would add $27 per month to the bill but that would still only bring me out at $67 or so per month for 2gb of data, the best part is you pre-pay for the data so if you don't use it they apply that money to your next month and reduce it. I've got about one year left on my current contract so I suppose it gives me plenty of time to see how others find the Fi network but it's definitely going to be tough to keep my Verizon contract if Fi is decent.


The really big plus for me is you can use your Fi data in 120 different countries and they don't charge any extra for it, so when I visit home I'd be able to get 3G data on my phone without paying any extra roaming fees etc, you can also get up to 9 data only sims on the account which all link to the same pool of data so that is good for any sim-ready tablets or laptops. I've no idea if this is coming to the UK anytime soon, it's just been rolled out in my area recently but I doubt it's far off since they have an agreement with T-mobile.


The pixel actually looks canny as well, I use chrome on my iPhone as it is so I'd not need to adapt to that. Google home and Google wifi look canny as well, it seems like they're making a real go at pushing Apple to the side.

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Funny how Apple were being mocked for the iPhone 7 looking too much like the iPhone 6 and then Google bring out a phone that looks almost identical.


imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

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