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On 5/8/2018 at 16:37, ewerk said:

To no one’s surprise he has gone against the advice of nearly every other nation and pulled out of the Iran deal. The fucking twat.

Much to his dismay the staunch work of the South Koreans, and Chinese as well as the accident at the testing site undone his year of simply abusing and goading Kim Jong Un. As yourself and PL have said he now needs a new distraction from basically everything else he is doing wrong/has done wrong being news. 


Of course everyone could be upset about this completely transparent and very dangerous action but Donald Glover made a music video so that’s far more important to get angry about (despite Glover being spot on and rather depressingly having his point made for him).  

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MSM got Trump through the primaries by giving him much more coverage than the other Republican candidates, in order to keep Ted Cruz out of the presidential election and this spectacularly backfired when wikileaks went in dry against Hilary conveniently neglecting to hold the Trump campaigns feet to the fire.


I would have voted for Gary Johnson, despite the fact that he didn't know what Allepo was.

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Gary Johnson is a fucking lunatic as well tbf. Fairly sure he also said he’d basically get rid of every single Government department because according to him they don’t do anything, then when given examples of what they do replied “okay yeah well I would keep that department” :lol: 



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3 minutes ago, ewerk said:

Yes, he got the hostages. He got them to destroy an already near collapsed test facility. Not exactly huge achievements.


Didn't he also then decide they weren't grateful enough to him and threaten one of their parents?

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3 hours ago, Alex said:

No surprise CT is a massive Trump fan who buys into all the associated propaganda though, is it?


Its surprising that he doesn't own a MAGA hat tbh

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  • Andrew changed the title to President Biden

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