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Birmingham City vs The Championship Table Toppers!!!

Birmingham vs Toooon!  

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:nufc: :nufc: :nufc:




Let us willy wave to the title!


NUFC to Score
0 - ewerk
1 - Holden McGroin, Kevin Carr's Gloves, TheGingerQuiff, Anorthernsoul, barnabox, @yourservice
2 - StoneColdStephenIreland, Kitman, Rayvin, zico martin, The Fish, Dr Gloom, Happy Face, acrossthepond, Ant, ToonMarshy, David Kelly, rogerbarton, Lackie92, LooneyToony, Graing
3 - Howay, Tom, Andrew, strawb, tooner, MiddleAgeCool, wykikitoon
4+ - adios, OTF, ohhh_yeah, Dougle, scoobos
NUFC to Concede
0 - Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, Kitman, Rayvin, zico martin, OTF, The Fish, Kevin Carr's Gloves, strawb, Happy Face, Ant, tooner, Anorthernsoul, David Kelly, rogerbarton, Lackie92, scoobos, wykikitoon, barnabox, LooneyToony
1 - adios, Tom, Andrew, Holden McGroin, Dr Gloom, acrossthepond, MiddleAgeCool, Dougle, Graing
2 - ohhh_yeah, ewerk, TheGingerQuiff, ToonMarshy, @yourservice
3 - 
4+ - 
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During our streak i voted 2-2 for every game (it was the vote i put on our first win of the season) - and stopped voting all together once we lost for fear of using up its luck.

Given as we need another streak i'm going to break the voting back out for a 2-2. 

If we lose you can blame me and i wont vote again 

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Key points from Rafa's presser


- Ciaran Clark is missing with a knee injury tomorrow but Paul Dummett is fit to play


- Rafa says last week’s Fulham defeat was a wake-up call after a run of good performances


- Benitez is keen to put things right and says the beauty of the Championship is the number of games available to do so


- Rafa is keen for his players to remain confident in the run-in but has warned them not to stray in to being over-confident


- He also believes Birmingham will represent a different challenge to the three previous times they have met this season, as they are looking for ‘different solutions

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#nufc Darlow; Anita, Lascelles, Hanley, Dummett; Diame, Colback; Ritchie, Perez, Gouffran; Murphy


Shelbyville on the bench after illness, which makes leaving Gayle on the bench absurd. Changed my vote

Oops could be an onion skin game now
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