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Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

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Today just a year ago I was making the dream of my life come true and I was able to meet you   (Yes... I was the first to enter the stadium)  

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7 minutes ago, Sonatine said:

Daresay they will appeal, even though they're probably guilty as sin.


Beautiful 👍


I said it the other day and confused half of Somerset :D


Citeh are what thousands of us want us to be...am not keen. They're being fucked by having their owners basically being their shirt sponsors but still...

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It's possible they might just let PSG get away with it because they're about as likely to win the CL as we are.


And they're about the only serious team France has.


I don't think this will stick anyway, when it goes to independent arbitration, City will come out swinging.

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Newcastle declined to comment on the record, which was surprising, because in my conversations with them they were extremely engaging and thoughtful on the issue, and it was clear that it was something they took very seriously.

'Oh yeah, Mike would encourage every player to walk off the pitch and give them a free Sports Direct mug for doing so. Just don't quote me on that'.

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On 18/02/2020 at 13:47, Ayatollah Hermione said:


Wish I could put my finger on why this is so funny to me.

I visited Dachau with my mate and when I was looking at his photos afterwards there were loads of selfies looking sad :lol: 

One of me closely looking at an oven. Cheers pal.  

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