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Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER


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Harry Redknapp:


"So now he's got to dig up that his win percentage was one per cent better than mine at QPR."

"I took over a QPR team that had already played 14 games in the Premier league and they had two wins, so it wasn't exactly taking over a world class team, you know? And at Birmingham I took over a team that had gone 25 games and only won one, that wasn't easy."

"My argument was about the Tottenham team I had, and I will not stand by and let someone come out with a statement like that when their facts are completely wrong."

"He could say: 'Yeah, but you didn't win anything. You got two fourth place finishes and the quarter-finals of the Champions League, but you didn't win anything'."

"Well the present team have had four years [under Pochettino] and they haven't won anything either, but does it make them a bad team? No it doesn't! I love watching them and I love the manager."

"We all know Gary, he is an excellent pundit and was a great right-back, but he's opinionated and sometimes he goes over the top."

"He hasn't got his facts correct in this case and he should have thought a little bit more about what he was saying. Yet, he's not man enough to say: 'Yeah I was wrong, I'll hold my hand up, that team Harry had was a good team'."

"Now I'm going to hit some golf balls and I might put Gary's head on one of them!"


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1 hour ago, PaddockLad said:


Going to see Neil Oliver “ The History of Britain in 100 places” :glare: 

You’re in luck. It’s just been postponed due to torrential rain

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