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Newcastle United: Club Sold To PCP - Official

The Mighty Hog

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He’s absolutely embarrassed himself that Law, come out since claiming Emenalo was offered advisor to the board with a view to become DoF :lol: firstly why did you write a ton of articles over months stating it was DoF, and secondly that literally makes zero sense anyway. Why would someone be an advisor to the board with a view to being DoF with the DoF role open? What’s he going to help with? Appointing a DoF? So he helps appoint a bloke in a role he has a view to occupying himself? I know who I believe in this discussion. 

Seems like Emenalo is Fonseca mk2 here, and was using Law as his mouthpiece to tout himself for the job. 

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24 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

Owen got a message from them too…


” Not you, cunt.” 

"Hi, is that Michael Owen? Hi, Michael it's Newcas........



.....errr, Newcastle United. Err, we've found a pair of socks and we're wondering are they yours? You don't think so? Ok, just checking. Bye."






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It's fucking pissing down and has been all morning, slate grey sky, and there's been no sun to cast shadows. I think that's the signs going up rather than coming down. 

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5 minutes ago, Tom said:

I suppose there’s gonna be an ARAMCO sign going up to replace it anyway :lol: 


Well it's fairly out of the way so if that sign was replaced by Aramco and that was the ONLY visible advertising of it in the ground then it would be sweet if that advertising sign showed up in the club revenue accounts as £50m. Put another even smaller PIF sign at the back of the Gallowgate end for another £50m. :good:

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Just now, Tom said:


"Look, son, they're coming down, the punters don't need to worry themselves about details like a timescale. They're a simple bunch and just need easy to read NUFC fixes to help justify their lives. I'm one of them, I'm the same and know the score. Keep it simple, fucking capiche, bonny lad?"

Lee-Ryder (1)__01.jpg

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2 minutes ago, thebrokendoll said:

if lucy says it's sunny, it's sunny.....




She's tremendous. Look forward to seeing her haggard and having a mental breakdown on Celebrity SAS in 30 years, like Ulrika. 

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