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Newcastle United: Club Sold To PCP - Official

The Mighty Hog

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Man United & Liverpool are cap in hand to the oil countries but it's the Newcastle fans that are the baddies. 

"For PIF, it's Newcastle" 


and Roan looks gutted :lol: 

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1 hour ago, Gemmill said:

Be good if Man United and Liverpool got bought by private sector Saudis cos they wouldn't fucking dare outbid PIF for any players we wanted. 

:lol: Spot on, twitter is flooded with Liverpool fans buzzing about it as if they’d be allowed to compete with the club everyone has been whinging about the Saudi state owning. I’ll also add on that the Qataris said they’d be fine with drinking at WC games and other religions praying, then they weren’t. I’d say he’s been asked and answered the right way but it wouldn’t be a recommended action for a private citizen to take. 

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2 minutes ago, ewerk said:

It would be nice to have them as feeder clubs. Well, it would be nice to have Liverpool as a feeder club.


Would give new meaning to 'Giz a job!' :D



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