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Newcastle United: Club Sold To PCP - Official

The Mighty Hog

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Liverpudlian socialism is a laugh at best. Has been for over a century, why should we expect any different from their current state of power - a German. 


Lampard was right. "Only league title you've ever fucking won, and you're given it the big one..."  (*He won Bundesliga with Dortmund)


Ever since Klopp won that title he's become totally intolerable moaning prick. 


Liked him, his team, his football - but very quickly gone off him the last year because he's just become a bad loser. Total prick. 



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On 24/10/2022 at 14:06, Meenzer said:


That's nice for the players, but can the Longstaffs not just share one?



Matty counts as carry-on, right?

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21 hours ago, Rayvin said:

Is he trying to argue that this would be a worse state of affairs than if we just gave it to City every year instead?

It was alright when they won it about 12 times in the space of less than 20 seasons between the early 70s and 1990 as well 👍🏻

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8 hours ago, Gemmill said:



I watched it last year and it's dead entertaining, but tbf their promotional game is non-existent. I'd forgotten it existed this season til I saw wykiki's post. 

I'm a Leeds wanker and we're a tri powerhouse 

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13 hours ago, Gemmill said:



Tough break for Oliver Holt and Miguel Delaney. Their principles will almost certainly require them to delete their twitter accounts. 



You, like almost everyone else, forgot about Exile 

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44 minutes ago, Howay said:

:lol: You can almost hear the furious articles being typed out by the usual suspects. 

I sense another mental breakdown just down the A19🤣

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