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3 Questions For Ashley


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As the title says you've 3 questions for Ashley what would you ask ?

1.)First off how much money have you made out of the free advertising over the last 10 years at SJP ?

2.)Why did you employ Rafa as manager if your not going to back him finacially ?

3.)Name a good thing you've done since you've owned Newcastle United ?


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1. When was the last time you saw your penis without looking in a mirror?


2. This football lark, opinion is currently divided on you finally getting the hang of it. Everyone and his dog say you haven't, CT thinks you have. Who's right?


3. How's your health? Any clogged up arteries or anything? 

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1 hour ago, Kevin Carr's Gloves said:

How would you like to die? A: Razor wire dildo?

                                       B: Sulphuric acid enema?

                                       C: Having your limbs blow torched from your body until you die of agony?

This is a bit fucking grim. :lol:  


Let it out, Mr. Gloves.

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  • 1 month later...

1. How many people do you think will cheer when you die?

2. Is it true you've spent more on personal usage cocaine, than you have over on NUFC over the last 11 years?

3. How many women have said you're a beautiful man, and when they said it do you think its because you're extremely wealthy, or because facially you are the Buckinghamshire adonis?

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21 hours ago, Alex said:

Allusion to Co. Durham and has 'skunk' in the name. If you're a covert mackem you're the subtlest one yet.


Being honest though, given the current state of Sunderland, I'm not convinced any of them would be stupid enough to come over here on the windup at the minute.


Maybe once they're an established League One side and have stopped the freefall, but until then it's hard to imagine. We've not had one for months now. 

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On 02/03/2018 at 13:35, shotleyskunk said:

A compelling argument,almost flawless in its conception, however what was i doing watching all the Fairs cup games and at Hereford away in the cup?, your vocation is in the legal profession i think?

Ignore all  the sarcastic miserable buggers here mate, they tend to give everyone a hard time when they first join here. Are you the same shotleyskunk that posts on NUFCform.com ? 


anyway welcome to the forum 

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