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Rafa's resurgent willy wavers vs moaning Mourinho's mancs

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I’ll have more composed thoughts tomorrow but I’m getting mortal and I’m ringing in sick. It’s fucking brilliant beating those bastards.


Very easily - you see son, the ball didn't go in the net, so it's not a goal. Job done. 

3 minutes ago, Rayvin said:

Were Spurs top 4 when we beat them 5-1 on the final day of the relegation season? That's the last one I remember.

Aye because that was the year they came 3rd and Leicester won the league (were 2nd going into that match I think).

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Man utd have 3 away games in a row in the next week, us,  Huddersfield (fa cup) then Sevilla (champions league) It might work in our favour as the PL is gone and top four just about in the bag for them. 

 Yes, I'm clutching at straws. 

So I'm going to say we'll pinch a draw. 1-1 

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5 minutes ago, Howmanheyman said:

If it was anyone else I'd agree.

He's media savvy but he went out of his way to make it clear we were his second choice and he never took the opportunity to the praise the club or the fans in his time here (or since) despite the fact he got a hell of a lot out of being here for not very much in return. I could be wrong but this could also be him treating us with the same level of contempt. Could be me giving him too much credit like.

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