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Yes, but leaving this football club aside for a moment, how was Rome?

People in Newcastle have been talking about my decision to move to China without knowing what happened behind the scenes during my three years at St James’ Park. I haven’t wanted to say too much

Stay and get fucked around by Ashley for another year on the same terms and maybe finish 11th vs. leave honourably at the end of your contract and take up a new job on triple the salary.  Very di

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Owner renowned for fucking popular managers over fucks popular manager over.

Without any hyperbole, it is entirely possible that we will never have a better manager from this point on. Goodbye Rafa, thanks for everything. Can't wait to see what clown the FCB will dredge up to replace him. Roy Keane just left Forest, maybe he's up for a challenge? 

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Done with football again. I owe it to Rafa for bringing my passion for nufc back for the last few years and also the hope that we could actually become something again. How stupid I was.. until Ashley is gone im not attending matches or even looking at results, I could go on a mega rant about it all but I can’t be bothered. We will still get 50k+ a week watching Roy Keane lead us into the championship until people realise that by going and lining the fat cunts pockets they are part of problem. Later lads 

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Ashley will be careful not to hire a manager that will keep him as much trouble as Rafa next time. The job remit is to keep us in the league, and to balance the books.£25mil per window, no upgrades to the ground, academy or training ground. Maximum output for minimum input. Just like his Sports Direct stores

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