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Allan Saint-Maximin


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Better end product than the combined 85million WASTEmen we replaced him with. 


Absolute shite.


Anyways, they need to make me the mod of this thread to keep everything nice and cleaned up, too many rascals.


big garl ting yea.




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15 hours ago, Monkeys Fist said:


Constantly dribbling though. 


Wait until he gets to CT's age, he'll wish he was dribbling into the box, any box!


ASM is like that childhood sweetheart you've been with since 15 but now you are 30 and you have grown apart. Yes there were lots of good times, even some great, mind blowing amazing ones but after 15 years and a lot of growing up things are stale, your tastes have changed and you both needs something else. So be nice, remember the joy you had and if you happen to cross paths in the future that's nice but it's time to move on because we only fuck supermodels now!

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Just now, thebrokendoll said:


you're blissfully unaware of the dodgy ground you're on here, aren't you?


I am guessing LTA is a crazy super fan, who will not have a bad word said about a player who never earned that adulation on the pitch?

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