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Ashley's United V Lesta League Cup 2nd Round

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2 hours ago, strawb said:

3-0 Utd Perez hat trick

But Bruce said the 1st week of the season cups were priority.  Having said that the 2nd week he's now said survival in the Premiership is priority. 

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Perez to bat the winner in with his cock while kissing the Lesta badge, cabbage heed to complain about the fans after we get beat, Shelvey to start and wear the captain's armband while doing nothing but playing hollywood balls.

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a hugely irrelevant thread this!

our inability to win anything of any note from 1969 to  september 2008 could probably be described as something of a footballing anomaly for a club of newcastle's stature.

we had opportunities to break this duck, a couple of times in the 70s and obviously more recently in the keegan and robson eras, fucking hell, even the hated souness progressed as far as a quarter and a semi final in the same season. sadly on most occasions our players did a remarkable act of imitating rabbits caught in cars headlights for the big occasion!   :(


that all changed in a match against hull when a ground which should've been empty sang nasty songs about mike ashley. so began his vindictive hatred of us.

the fat cunt doesn't want us to win a trophy, he was probably pissed off we didn't finish second in each of the championship seasons. us having any kind of reason to be happy will bring the cunt out in some kind of fireplace puking rage.

in fact, at the risk of putting meself up there with the man on the moon and two towers conspiracies, i'm utterly convinced pardew was under instructions not to win derby games!


forget this one lads, it's not going to happen. if not tonight, then certainly in the very near future, our exit is predetermined.

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On 20/08/2019 at 12:39, trooper said:

Kid on N.O. reckons as of 10pm last night there just over 4,800 tickets sold 

I lost my wallet at the weekend so I had to go up to the ground today to get a new season ticket.  The lass in the ticket office told some old fella that they were expecting it to be about 20k tonight.


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26 Darlow

17 Krafth

 2 Clark

18 Fernandez

5 Schär

15 Willems

8 Shelvey

43 Shortstaff

14 Hayden

11 Ritchie

13 Muto

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6 minutes ago, Tom said:

I was gonna look for a stream as well, never mind eh.

Not sure there's owt doing mate. Nice to see Brucey fielding a strong team having a good go at the cup.

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