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Mr Potato Heads Lads V The Blue Mancs

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'Honestly luv, I was only trying to get some sun on my arsehole' [/Monkeys Fist]

Gone for a Burton. 

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3 hours ago, Isegrim said:

To think that they sold a share of 10% today for 390m as we are stuck with the fat cunt pretending to sell the club for 350m after he pissed the sheiks of a decade ago because he was pissed...


there's many, many reasons why the repulsive fat cunt deserves to fall over right in front of a combine harvester.

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Steve Bruce says he’ll persevere with the mid-firing front 3 of Almiron, Joelinton and Saint-Maximin for tomorrow’s match with Man City.

“Insisting he’s happy with what they’re bringing to the team despite their lack of goals.”

So it's their job to score goals & they're not doing it. So what do they bring to the team & how can he be happy ?


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1 hour ago, ewerk said:

What’s the alternative?

A formation in which we utilise a third midfielder to compensate for the embarrassing lack of mobility? Taking a player out of the firing line when his confidence is low? Switch to 4 at the back and 2 up top so Joelinton has somebody within 25 yards of him every time he holds the ball up? Sadly though, I’m sure there’s massive pressure from above telling Bruce to play their 40 million and 20 million men as we all cross our fingers hoping it suddenly clicks.

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