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Wilder's Winless Wonders vs Bruce's Boring Bastards

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i'd honestly take a punt on joey barton. if for no other reason than he might put some cigars out in ashley's eyes.

i wont be happy till i see the twat broken and bawling his eyes out on the touchline. morally bankrupt fat cunt.

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That line up is a fucking travesty. Bruce manages, or as much as you can describe what he does as management, from fear. For a manager to put that line up, up against a team bottom of the table is a fucking bad joke.

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Oozing creativity that line-up. In the Denise Squelch sense of the word. Wilson playing makes me fancy is getting a result though. Ambitious as that hope is against this mighty foe 

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48 minutes ago, David Kelly said:

Fuck me he should be sacked for putting out that team alone.  Hopefully he's putting nails in his own coffin here.

I fucking dread to think of who’d replace him though 

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