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howe's battle weary, walking wounded but still should've done better on saturday nufc v pochettino's shit tangoing not fit for a strictly dance off, corn beef munching cockney wankers.


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3 minutes ago, Zathras said:

I’ve acquired a single ticket for this match in the East stand. Would love to say hello to any or all of yous. 

If you shout I’ll give you a wave from Forest Hall! :lol:

Ma Fist’s birthday so I’ll be otherwise engaged. 

Look for the pointy headed bloke going for a piss every 15 minutes, that’s CT. 

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Three goalies and no midfielders on the bench. If someone goes off injured today we're going to have Ritchie sent off in centre mid about 10 minutes later.


It feels good to have an actual striker up top again though.

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What the fuck happened to Willock? I haven't heard a peep about him being injured all week. I presume whatever happened was pretty close to matchday. Lets just hope its not another serious injury for him and the squad in general. 

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6 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

Was Willock one that went into the international break injured, or is this more good news?

My bet is on a mysterious illness. We always have people going down with an unspecified bug of some kind. It's just that it's usually Wilson.

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