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  1. I think so. I know Renton finds it objectionable but I really, really believe that no matter the political stripe of a candidate, people are looking for vision. Biden and Hillary offered none of that. Biden 2020 would have lost to trump in 2016 too, I'm pretty certain of that. The only reason he'll win this (I really hope he wins this) is that people have been able to see how dangerous Trump actually is.
  2. There probably is an argument to say that avoiding cities dominating everything entirely is worth pursuing, but the extent to which the EC favours republicans is depressing. That said, on this occasion, I'm not sure it's really the issue - the votes (at least so far) look pretty much neck in neck. Can't blame this one on EC I don't think.
  3. It's an anachronism IMO. It gives weighting to rural states that their populations don't justify to ensure that the interests of farmers weren't overlooked back in the day when farming mattered more. It's the same shit that happens here really. The Tories get an 80 seat majority through the capture of rural, underpopulated constituencies.
  4. If it is a 'red mirage' it's a damn convincing one. I just looked at PA and trump is 600k ahead with only 2.5m votes left to count. I mean it's possible for sure but it's going to be a case of squeaking over the line rather than crashing through it. Wisconsin also not filling me with optimism, 94% votes counted and Trump 100k up. That's legitimately in "could go either way" territory. Agree that Trump is making all the noises to indicate defeat but this is nowhere near as convincing as it should have been.
  5. Arizona for Biden has to be the first genuinely positive sign that we are heading back to something positive here...?
  6. So he intends to go to the supreme court and stop votes being counted since he is currently ahead. Apparently he may be successful...
  7. This is grim. Trump is more or less declaring victory as we speak. It's going to be unpleasant IMO.
  8. I guess. Florida sounds promising based on some of the early murmuring. EDIT: Or not. This is going to be one of those nights.
  9. I don't think it's going to be as clear cut as I was hoping tbh. I suspect the US has that solid core of immovable voters who will always vote for right no matter what.
  10. Fair enough. I've been tempted but I just can't predict it really. It does feel like a Biden victory tbf.
  11. You and me both. But on the election..?
  12. Basis for this? I'm struggling to get any info at all.
  13. Biden campaign has expressed concern about turnout in Pennsylvania. This could just be to motivate people to get over the line of course but even so 😕
  14. It sounds to me like people are voting for "not Trump" more than they're voting for Biden. That would worry me normally but Trump is so repulsive that it might well be enough.
  15. I expect Biden to win. But if he doesn't, the centre is more fucking dead to me than it already is He is the walking personification of it.
  16. It has to end at some point though. I mean frankly, if Biden can't win this then I'm right back on the rad left train because Biden is everything I've been told that "the left" needs to be putting forward. He's a right winger in a left wing suit. He's "electable". He's old and he's white. He's centrist. He's everything I've been told we need, so he better fucking win this.
  17. I agree with you, I don't think Trump is going to win from here but honestly the thought that it could even get remotely close is such a deplorable fucking outcome that I don't think kicking him out is going to end this culture war.
  18. That sucks, best wishes for a speedy recovery mate.
  19. That's pretty much what I said. We have to throw various groups and principles under the bus in the name of pragmatism. And anyone who doesn't want to do that is a child. That's been your argument throughout, no?
  20. I'm not saying it did. I don't think anyone is saying it did. What is being said, and I think quite fairly, is that clearly this isn't going to be something Labour should risk speaking freely about - and in conclusion on that, I think we should be pragmatic and accept that talking about or criticising Israel isn't a vote winner and should be shelved. Same as we will need to avoid talking critically about Brexit, talking positively about immigration and now, apparently, talking positively about LGBT people thanks to the BBC's new hot take on the situation. All that matters is power,
  21. PL is of course talking about the situation post EHRC report, thus rendering this example rather irrelevant to his point...
  22. I think he was destroyed by the same weaponised media "scrutiny" that Corbyn was. Why these leaders fail doesn't matter, all that matters is that they do fail.
  23. Christ. Him combined with Johnson, maybe it really is sixth form politics. It's working for one of them at least.
  24. In fairness, this isn't even the hill I chose to die on I've read the EHRC exec summary, looks fair and measured to me. The most significantly damning aspect was the fact that Labour's sexual harassment policy/procedures were far more rigorous than it's antisemitism ones. That's clearly not acceptable.
  25. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Milliband also managed to enable more Tory rule. Let's not pretend that everything was going swimmingly for Labour only for Corbyn to show up and wreck everything - he only got in at all because the centre left in the party was completely bereft of ideas and direction. Milliband's loss was what delivered the mandate for the referendum in the first place. On the rest of it, I hope you're right. Starmer is indeed competent. He won't win of course, but he's competent. It's a shame about his u-turn on the EU but pragmatism is all, I suppose
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