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  1. It’s good they answer to ‘Sugartits’ though
  2. It was the last time I went out in London I think. It’s one of those places where it’s like stepping into a different place / time / dimension when you enter or leave one the establishments round there.
  3. That’s the one. Cunt on cunt crime
  4. Was it The Wildhearts that had a feud with that little tit Alan Robson? Culminating in one of them starting on him on air?
  5. You can’t have the universities and student landlords having to repay all that rent
  6. Actually that reminds me. When I was still on Facebook the lass in question took the huff with me. She’s posted it was a full moon that night so she was going to put her crystals out to ‘recharge’ them. So I asked her why she didn’t just put them out through the day seeing as moonlight is reflected sunlight
  7. The lass I went to school with has. I’m not sure off the top of my head re: the younger sister who lost the bairn.
  8. There’s a lass I went to school with who thinks masks cause the illness and just about other conspiraloon theory going from chemtrails to, well, just about anything provided there’s no evidence to back it up. Her sis is the same. Fortunately I’m not on Facebook but I get the odd update from my lass. Her sis actually lost a baby because she wouldn’t be medically induced and tried reflexology instead. That seems to have somehow strengthened their belief in pseudoscience, spirituality, healing crystals etc when you would think it might do the opposite. Apparently people who wear masks are cowards
  9. Gandaft often retweets her I think. Along with other luminaries like Lee Hurst (which is a fuck load funnier than the man himself), Peter Ebdon and Denise Squelch (sic)
  10. Who the fuck would want anything to do with England?
  11. I bet she’s working from home
  12. It’s what quite a few of us have been saying for quite a while, isn’t it? The worst of both worlds in economic terms and in terms of the spread of the disease. It seemed like staggering incompetence first time round but repeating the same mistake is criminal.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54518002
  14. That’s only there as a smokescreen anyway. I hope Ashley takes them to the cleaners
  15. He blatantly just goes through old photos on his phone then claims to be there at that time.
  16. I think you mean non-attendees. You might want to put that trying to be clever schtick away for good. File it next to trying to be funny and trying to wind people up.
  17. Setup for season 3 without much of a conclusion. I do like but it already feels like they’re going to drag it out season after season
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