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Would anyone like to see West Ham stay up

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It's actually got to the stage where I would be pretty gutted if they stayed up. Would also find it hillarious if they get docked points :( The fans would most probably try and heap all the blame on Pardew for buying the argies..

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Think Ashton is overrated myself. Seen him a few times and he never really stood out in any of them.


Wouldn't want Ferdinand either, as in all honesty purchasing a player who's seen his team concede vast amounts of goals this season is somewhat telling. Can't challenge effectively in the air, tackle or exact a calming influence on his other defenders. As has been said, if he wasn't called 'Ferdinand' he'd be nowhere near the premiership.

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gahahhahaaaa, that was hilarious :(:blink:


We should do anything and everything to sign Berbatov. Class act.



Send's Spuds up to 8th, I can' see anything to celebrate with that result, and as if Spuds are going to sell Berbatov.

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Roeder would probably sign Dailly and Carlton Cole on August 31. :D


Footballing genius tbh.


Don't both Neill and Upson have relegation release clauses of about 3m? I'd take them both for that.


But would you be happy for us to pay their reported wages?


Not Neill's definitely. How much is Upson supposed to be on?

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Nice to see West Ham lose and stare their upcoming relegation in the face, but I was definitely cheering them on at half-time. As has been said, nothing to celebrate in a Spurs win.


Tevez, Upson, Neill, Ferdinand, and their keeper, forget his name (he's pretty good tbf, can't blame him for giving up goals behind a back four that might as well not even be on the pitch sometimes) will jump ship.


Upson might find a place here, but I have my doubts. He's injury-prone, expensive, and already turned traitor on Birmingham in the middle of their promotion fight, and if he swaps London for Newcastle, I don't think he'll have any qualms about swapping Newcastle for somewhere else if things get rough.


What's the hate for Warnock about? Scrappy manager, a bit loudmouthed but gets things done. Few people predicted Sheffield would stay up, but they've managed it in large part thanks to him.


PS: Berbatov is shit, seeing him play in our games vs. Spurs was like watching a blooper reel.

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