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I'm puzzled as to what Morrisey's message is in that song. It sounded alright when I was mortal.




1. He's fucking loaded so he doesn't have to get out of bed. 


2. He's scared of watching the news.


3. He finds the idea of modern work emasculating.


4. He knows the various different words for motorway. Missed a trick. Could have got "Autobahn/pay daaay loan " into the melody quite easily.


5. He's in a working men's club so if your poor you should listen to him and quit your job.


6. Joey Barton is his carer. He reimburses him with peanuts and coffee.


life affirming stuff 

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Good evening!

Hope you’re well. This is our live blog bringing you coverage of what is set to be a very special night for Newcastle United. It is the annual Newcastle United foundation dinner and tonight, we’ll be celebrating 125 years of the club. There’s going to be lot of familiar faces from past and present, so stick with us for a brilliant night.




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Shola... :cry: 


I know he wasn't great, I know he's more a cult hero than anything else, but by Christ he's a proud Newcastle fan, an ambassador for the club and a blimmin lovely bloke.


Rather have had 1 of him than 10 Michael Owens.




(The 8th goal there, against Birmingham is quintessential Ameobi btw)

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18 minutes ago, Rayvin said:

I assume he's retiring...? But your post also makes it sound like he could have died, so I'm really unclear on this.

Nah, he was accepted into the NUFC Hall of Fame last night. 


He's just clearly emotional about the honour. 


Some on twitter still calling him worse than shite because... well I guess because he's a cult hero and that divides opinions? People seem to think you can't like a player unless he's Messi.

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He had the makings of being a pretty decent player but the hip injuries fucked him. Worth noting he played in pain quite a lot of times due to that injury (which loads of players wouldn't have) for the sake of the team whilst getting pelters off a large proportion of the fanbase. Wasn't it @MattM4 who detested him? This will have him seething :lol:

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