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Swansea v Newcastle United Good Friday Kick Off 4.30pm

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Aye they're coming off the back of a couple of losses, if we're anywhere near the level we have been performing I think we'll win. Recently their passing has been confined to their own half and attacks into the opposition half have been sporadic, they're a threat but we just beat Liverpool and they've accrued more points this season than Swansea and if Williamson and Perch are anywhere near as dominant as they were against Liverpool I don't see Danny Graham getting much out of them.

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playing wider and doing some good work to get cisse the goals instead at the moment.


hes not getting on the end of stuff but we're not struggling to score, those three up front seem to be linking up beautifully


Yeah, I just meant he was due one

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Guest CabayeAye

Feeling good about this one. Hopefully Jonas will move back to LM and Santon will come in at LB. If Pardoo manages to get the players fired up, Ben Arfa will cut throught them like a hot knife through butter and Cisse will get a hatfull.

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Although surely we qualify for an emergency loan now that we only have one CB! :glare:


James Tavernier has been recalled, presumably to replace Simpson at right back, allowing Simpson to drop into the middle.


Jesus Christ. This is where our good run unwinds.


Attack may be our only form of defence here. Let's play with a back three and whack an extra midfielder in there!

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Unsurprising that the away end hasn't sold out with the ridiculous kick off day/time.


It's ridiculous, isn't it?


One of the longest trips to have to make and they whack it on a bank holiday Friday afternoon.


I thought Cardiff on a Sunday early afternoon (I think) was bad enough but at least people could travel back to Newcastle from the game.

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