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Yoan Gouffran

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Aye, I'm not suggesting that his degree means he should be a better player, I was just supporting what was said above about him being educated / intelligent.


Some of the things he does on the pitch make him look incredibly stupid. However, I wonder if a lot of it is just down to game time, as he went to Man Utd as a youngester and rarely played. He may have benefitted from playing more regularly at a younger age.

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Depends how you define intelligence. To me, a large part of intelligence is about self-awareness. You are aware of how quick you are, how far you can stretch, how well timed a tackle is, how hard you have to hit a shot, how heavy to weight a pass.


This is all picked up by repetition and by learning. Nobody can do these things when they're born, they have to learn them and develop the strength and ability to be able to do it consistently. There's nothing instinctive or natural about playing football.


Awareness and vision develops as a result of learning what your team mates are capable of and learning what sort of pass suits them.

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He's already proved more than value for money. His graft is excellent but he's also genuine goal threat (which is where there's a difference to Jonas, although tbf to Jonas, Gouff plays more advanced). We should be looking fill out the squad of more players like him.


His scoring record isn't great.


Grafts his arse off, which is good to have in the team in the absence of Jonas though. He does offer more to the team as well in terms of meaningful attacking play.

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He does the same job defensively as jonas but in a different way. Jonas plays so deep it invites their fullback higher. Gouff drops deep when necessary but generally starts higher and busts a gut to get back, meaning the opposing fullback starts alot deeper and is less of a threat.

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He's a more creative and productive version of Jonas, just as powder puff in the tackle as him, but a much better option out there. I'm sorry, but I don't subscribe to the Jonas is a good defender stuff either. He works hard granted, but he's weak as piss in the tackle. Which is why Gouffran should start ahead of him, he offers no more than Jonas defensively but at least he creates stuff.


Jonas, nice guy, grafter, great squad player, but not a starter for me.

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