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Roses are red Violets are blue Please vote for Labour Unless you're a Jew

But surely.....    

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8 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:

Agree that Corbyn should be dealt with


Suggesting it’s a bit fuckin rich coming from Starmer who was deputy leader in the shadow cabinet at the time when anti Semitic abuse was being hurled at sitting Labour MPs by fellow Labour members :cuppa:



:lol: Aye, clearly all Starmer's fault.

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5 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:

Point taken. Would Starmer have any input into the decision? 

I’m not entirely sure. I doubt it though, given Corbyn was in his campaign video.

Also the news came whilst Starmer was busy with a press conference elsewhere.

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15 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:

Their leader tried to jail her predecessor. Another set of cunts :cuppa:



They may be, but best option just now, when Indy happens they'll have served their purpose and new parties will appear, they'll be introducing PR as well so even better.

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1 hour ago, PaddockLad said:

Not suggesting for a minute it is but keeping your gob shut whilst it was going on for the sake of your career makes you look like a right cunt at the very least. ...




Maybe it's not Starmer who looks like a right cunt now?

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Get the fucking trot anti semites out and back where they belong - hawking Socialist Worker outside the Monument. Just heard a Corbyn defender, the appalling Kerry Anne Mendoza from Skwawkbox, on BBC blaming the whole anti Semitisim row on "pro Israel forces". 

I must be struggling - is this the famous English irony?

Get in the fucking sea 

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3 hours ago, ewerk said:

The worry is that Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott et al fuck off and start their own party and McCluskey bankrolls them. That sort of thing would guarantee another two decades of Tory rule.


Nah the left don't matter at all, it's all going to be fine without them. If anything they should just fuck off out of the party.

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So it turns out that Starmer gave Corbyn advance notice of his speech that he wouldn't tolerate anyone who minimised anti-semitism within the party and Corbyn knowingly released a statement doing just that. Len McCluskey can talk about a divided party but it's Corbyn doing the dividing.

Edited by ewerk
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9 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

Corbyn knew what was coming and he knew what he had to do. All he had to do was say sorry and he'd still be in the Labour party. As clueless as ever 


Actually all he had to do was keep his mouth shut based on what Labour have said. As far as i can tell, it doesn't look like Starmer wanted to make an example of him per se.

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11 minutes ago, NJS said:

The new head cheese has decided that anything like that is controversial. He's obviously a fucking prick. 


I thought we'd gotten to the point where LGBT rights weren't a controversial issue. Presumably this is all in the name of "impartiality".

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